Touchscreen is a great invention, but it can be hindrance when gaming because, your hands and fingers will be covering the action. To circumvent this, you need a physical controller and a physical controller is what Razer is offering with its Junglecat.

Junglecat is a dual-sided mobile gaming controller that stands out as one that can be configured for both mobile and desktop play. I don’t major esports allowing this hardware, but it should be good for casual gamers, especially for first person shooters like PUBG Mobile.

Razer Junglecat Mobile Gaming Controller

Junglecat comes with two controllers which you attached one or both to the include smartphone case. The controllers can also be attached to a controller grip to form a handheld controller if you prefer not hold the Android phone or tablet.

As briefly mentioned earlier, it plays well with Windows PCs too. It connects to your device via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) with a low latency response and the rechargeable battery provides over 100 hours of use in between charges.

Razer Junglecat Mobile Gaming Controller

The dual-sided controller features twin analog thumbsticks and bumper buttons, plus a 4-way D-pad on the left controller and 4 additional action buttons on the right controller.

A companion app, Razer Gamepad App, lets you access to a library of controller compatible games, as well as tweak the settings, including sensitivity of the thumbsticks, and remap the buttons and keys.

Razer Junglecat Mobile Gaming Controller

There’s a caveat with the Junglecat. Since it requires special phone case, it is limited to a few devices. In fact, it is limited to Razer Phone 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and Samsung Galaxy S10+ in stateside.

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The market is unnecessary narrowed because of the need for the special case. Unless you are using as separate controller, which does make much sense either. Just throwing it out there…

Anywho, the Razer Junglecat Mobile Gaming Controller is available as we speaker from for $99.99.

Razer Junglecat Mobile Gaming Controller

All images courtesy of Razer.

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