Ever wished you could lug along your monitor when you hit the roads? Thanks to the technological advancements, now you can and the DeskLab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor is one of the emerging candidates.

Hong Kong-based DeskLab joins the likes of Magedok Design and ASUS in a bid to cough out your hard-earned money for a portable monitor.

DeskLab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

However, unlike the former two, DeskLab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor is not just for gaming. It is also for everything from creative to productivity and anything in between.

It offers 4K resolution in beautiful thin bezel package that tips the scales at mere 1.3 lbs (0.59 kilograms). If anyone’s counting, that’s 15 percent lighter than an iPad and less than half the weight of MacBook Air.

DeskLab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Armed with a variety of I/Os, including USB-C, USB, HDMI and 3.5 mm ports, you can practically turn any device into a 4K touchscreen workstation. Plus, it is able to charge your devices while at it.

Other notables include 15-inch 4K glare-free touchscreen display, 10 millisecond response time (GTG, I presume?), built-in Hi-Fi speakers, integrated magnetic stand and it is obviously, plug-and-play.

DeskLab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor works with laptops and smartphones across multiple platforms, and it readily connects to a variety of gaming systems including Switch, Xbox, PS4, Steam and more.

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All these for the special price of 1,530-2,314 Hong Kong dollars (about US$196-296) while it is on Kickstarter. There’s a catch though. While the campaign is funded, the product will not ship until February 2020.

Update [March 16, 2020; 11:02PM] The campaign has ended and funded, but you can still pre-order DeskLab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor on the company’s website just $399. Even better, if you enter this unique code ‘DESKLAB-LRIJGM’ (less the apostrophes, of course) and get 5 percent discount.

All images courtesy of DeskLab.

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