Roll-up Travel Charger – stylish multi-device charger

Roll-up Travel Charger
(image: Restoration Hardware) Roll-up Travel Charger | US$49.00 |

one of the thing that bugs us when we are traveling is the need to lug along several chargers catering to the multiple gadgets that we have with us. just imagine the tangle of cables and not to mention that you will need several wall outlets to charge them all at the same time. the Roll-up Travel Charger aims to solve that woe that has been bugging users with multiple gadgets. it is one portable charger that rolls out to four charging cables that include Apple’s 30-pin connector, USB, mini USB, as well as micro USB. the best part is, all the four charging cables lead back to a single power source and you can charge four devices simultaneously. when you are done, just roll up the stylish slip-proof, polyurethane mat up and you are ready to hit the road again with minimal clutter. the Roll-up Travel Charger costs a modest $49 a pop. we love the concept but it would be a bonus if it comes with a free USB port so that we could connect with our own cable we choose to. nevertheless, it is still awesome and this one definitely rank up high on our Christmas wish list.
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Restoration Hardware via Digital Trends

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