these days people like us are just plain lazy. instead of walking to the convenience store that’s just three blocks away, we chose to hop on into our gas-guzzlers. however, if there is the Rover Electric Scooter, then that would be a different story altogether. its somewhat chunky but lightweight aluminum construction hides away a three-phase brushless DC motor and lithium-ion battery pack that affords a guilt-free, eco-friendly commute for up to 36 miles per charge with a breezy top speed of up to 33 mph. hand built in Portland, Oregon, the Rover Electric Scooter also features battery regenerating brakes, a smartphone holder with USB charger, LED headlights and taillights, a set of chubby tires, and a cute little parking kickstand.

by default, it’s designed to be ridden standing like a skatescooter (less the kicking, obviously), but it will be available with an optional seat for those who requires to be seated. two models are available on the menu – Rover and Rover BR – with limited availability in September 2013, followed by a public release sometime this Fall. as with most indoor-capable electric vehicles, this little green machine don’t come cheap; expect to shell out $4,970 for the Rover and $5,920 for the Rover BR. join us for a small gallery of this awesome-looking electric vehicle after the break.

Works Electric via Uncrate

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