Super fans of Transformers who are looking to expand their collections to beyond toys can look forward to the new Royal Mail Transformers Philatelic Collection 2022.

Royal Mail Transformers Philatelic Collection 2022

I know. Stamps are probably not high on the list of many TF fans. I mean, what are the odds that a fan is also huge on philatelic? Rare. I would say. But hey, I am one of them, btw. Have been collecting stamps since I was 9 years old.

Anyhoo, Royal Mail has revealed a set of 13 Special Stamps being issued to celebrate the British contribution to the internationally successful, Transformers, animated franchise. That’s right. The original cartoon Transformers, more specifically, the G1 Transformers.

The Special Stamps include the main set of eight stamp designs, featuring original illustrations of an Autobot and Decepticon locked in a battle. Characters gracing the stamps include Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, Grimlock, Shockwave, Arcee, and Soundwave.

Royal Mail Transformers Philatelic Collection 2022

The images were created exclusively for Royal Mail for this philatelic collection by three British comic artists, namely Andrew Wildman (pencils), Stephen Baskerville (inks), and John-Paul Bove (colors), all of who have contributed to The Transformers comic series.

The main eight stamps are printed with a hidden ink that reveals each of the character’s faction logos and names in the Cybertronian alphabet only visible under UV light. There’s another interesting gimmick: using the Royal Mail app, you can scan the stamp and watch a unique Augmented Reality animation including a clip from the original animated Transformers TV series.

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Finally, further five stamps are presented in a miniature sheet, featuring all five members of the Dinobots: Grimlock, Snarl, Slug, Sludge, and Swoop.

The Royal Mail Transformers Philatelic Collection is available to order now from the Royal Mail online shop now.

The stamps will go on general sale on September 01, 2022. Prices range from £0.30 (36 cents) for the First Day Envelope Stamps and run up to as much as £49.99 (about US$60.45) for the Limited-edition Prestige Stamp Book.

There is also a bundle that includes the regular Prestige Stamp Book, Presentation Pack, and Stamp Souvenir in one package going for a discounted price of £47.57 (around US$57.53).

Images: Royal Mail.

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