drone designers Marque Cornblatt and Eli Delia of Game of Drones fame have solved the biggest woe that has plagued drone flyers aka RC quadcopter pilots: breakage of frame. the duo wants the Rugged Drone Airframe (officially, dubbed the Sumo Quad) be the last airframe you will ever buy. how? by making it indestructible, of course. made from thermo-formed polymers, the airframe has been put through the paces (read: abuses), including dropping from hundred of feet, braving through jet of fire, smashing through glass windows and even being shot at by a 12-gauge shotgun, and surviving it all. being blast by a shotgun is no laughing matter and obviously, damages were sustained in process, but more seriously to the onboard electronics, which after replacing, the airframe still takes off without a sign of letting up.

the key here is the virtually indestructible frame – anyone who has flown any RC flying craft will understand the pain of replacing the frame and with that said, the Rugged Drone Airframe really is a much welcome relieve to this age-old RC pilot’s agony, plus it look pretty sleek too (kudos to the Orange hue. i know we are biased). a year in development, this world’s toughest action-sports airframe is finally ready for your taking and it is currently on Kickstarter, seeking financial support to get into production and out to you. the project has since surpassed its set funding goal and therefore, by backing the campaign for $130 or more, you are essentially pre-ordering the Rugged Drone Airframe, with expected delivery to be in June 2014.

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obviously, the price is excluding any necessary electronics, but if you have 900 bucks to drop, you can grab a Ready-to-Fly example that comes complete with the motors, electronic speed controller, flight controller, propellers, sans the transmitter and battery pack. but you have to act fast cos’ the RTF reward is limited to just five units, of which two have already been snapped up. check out a pitch video below to learn more.

Kickstarter via Boing Boing

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