If you visit Asia, you find a lot of interesting knock off toys and among them, was an interesting take of Transformers. Usually it comes as a battery-operated toy car that transforms into a rolling robot at some point as it travel. It was based on this toy which he came across during a visit to Singapore, Gennadi Kocherga toyed with the idea of a real life robot-transforming car and as you can see, you can’t say he did not succeed. Gennadi worked with his son to turn an infamously lacklustre Russian-made LADA VAZ-2110 into one that transforms into a robot while still remain drivable. I bet you will never look at a LADA the same way again.

However, a little sacrifice has to be made here and there; like for examples, it can only sit one and that one person, who is also the driver, will have enter from the back, through where the rear windscreen used to be. Like the toy, Gennadi and son creation was pretty toyish, only many times larger, but that does not diminish its awesomeness. What’s more impressive about this LADA Transformers is not the obvious ability to turn into a rolling robot, but because it is armed with a pair of automatic weapons which it can totally send volley of leads downrange as it moves.

While this LADA Transformers may not look as polished as the Turkish engineering company’s transforming BMW we saw a while back, it is on par with the other real life Transformers nonetheless because, it freaking shoots! We just hope that Gennadi and son’s LADA Transformers is an Autobot and not a Decepticon.

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YouTube via RT.

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