We have seen enough iPhone cases. Like seriously enough. But this one here, called Safeskin, is an entirely ball game. Yes. It is an iPhone case, but beyond protecting your device from the rigors of daily use, it is also an anti-theft case much like automobiles’ lock nuts and alarm system. Billed as the world’s most secure safety system for iPhone, the first line of defense Safeskin offers is a case that is not removable without your very own key and color code. This works much like a car’s wheel lock nuts, ensuring that the system itself cannot be disabled.

Safeskin Secure Safety iPhone Case
Safeskin comes with the Eye, which you can worn like a timepiece.

The next line of defense is an uber stylish accessory called the Eye. The Eye is essentially an object tracker with both visual and audio alerts that will bring you to your attention if you device gets out of a preset safety range. When that happens, it will also disable the touchscreen so the very bad person who got your phone will not be able to access to lock screen to guess your passcode. In addition to looping to your keys or bag like so many trackers do, the Eye stands as one that can also be worn like a timepiece, which is a nice touch.

Safeskin Secure Safety iPhone Case
Or you could loop to your backpack…

The final line of defense is the unique sleep/wake button that will forbid the device from being turned off if stolen, thus you’d be able to locate the device with apps such as Find my Phone. Finally, the case is, as you can see, pretty up there in the style department. Not only it is pleasing to the eyes, but it is drop proof, said its creator. The case is made from PC ABS, a flexible material that absorbs shock, and has raised edges around the display, thus safeguarding your device from devastating consequence and protecting the display in the event of a drop.

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Safeskin Secure Safety iPhone Case
You can secure it to your shirt’s pocket or whatnot.

As with many other trackers, Safeskin and the Eye works in conjunction with a dedicated app to allow to customize its functionality and tracking of every objects that are attached with the Eye. In case the unimaginable happens, i.e. you lose your phone, you can log into your account on any phone or desktop to see the exact GPS coordinates of your phone. Finally, the app also lets you set SafeZones for places (such as your home or office) where you think are safe, so the theft alarm won’t trigger unnecessarily, and the duration too can be set too.

Safeskin Secure Safety iPhone Case

If you are up for this one-of-the-kind safety system for iPhone, you may want to consider supporting Safeskin’s Indiegogo campaign. Safeskin is seeking to raise $50K to take the product to production. A pledge of $75 or more will secure you a unit which includes the Eye and a keychain add-on for Eye. If all goes as planned, i.e. the campaign gets funded before the campaign lapsed, you can expect to take delivery as soon as July 2018.

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