Samsung-commissioned crystallized Samsung cameras

Crystal Rocked Samsung Digital Cameras 544x338px
(credit: Crystal Rocked)

Samsung has commissioned Crystal Rocked, the maestro for bling, to create a range of crystallized cameras. two cameras, the NX11 and the ST30 are given the Swarovski crystal elements make-over. unfortunately, these one-off creations are not for sale. so you, crystal aficionados, try to hold back your tears. they were put on display at camera retailer Jessops’ Christmas in July showcase at the Swarovski store in London. as incredible as it seems, establishments in UK are trying to rope in sales for the Christmas season during this Summer sales period but then that’s beside the point, cos’ we are more interested in the blinged-out cameras.
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on a separate news, Crystal Rocked has teamed up with Micro Anvika and Samsung to create another luxe up rendition of the Samsung NX11 camera dressed in Swarovski Jet Hematite. the good news is, this particular version is available for your taking but only exclusively from Micro Anvika Harrods. though, i am not quite sure what’s the price like. the only way to find out is to pop by Micro Anvika Harrods (if you happen to be in UK) and check it out.

Crystal Rocked Samsung Digital Cameras 544x308px

SOURCE: Crystal Rocked / CrystalRoc

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