Shinkalion x Evangelion Crossover Anime Japan

In Japan, there’s an anime that has bullet trains transforming into giant Shinkalion x Evangelion Crossover Anime Japanrobots. No. It is not Transformers or Diaclone. But it does have something in common with Transformers and Diaclone; they are properties of Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy.

Shinkalion x Evangelion Crossover Anime Japan

The anime is called the Shinkalion. The first season was aired between 2018 and 2019 and this year marks the airing of the second season, known as Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z.

Here’s what Shinkalion Z is about:

“In order to protect the peace and safety of Japan from the mysterious Giant Monstrous Beings, “Shinkansen Transformable Robot Shinkalions” were developed by the Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute. In preparation for the attack of new enemies, the Ultra Evolution Institute is developing a new type of robot called “Shinkalion Z” as well as new armed enhancement vehicles called “Zailiners” that transform from conventional trains to power up the “Shinkalion Z”. The children who became the drivers of “Shinkalion Z” with a high Compatible rate will work together with the institute staff members to confront the Giant Monstrous Beings that reappeared! The emergence of unknown enemies- And the encounter of two boys. ”

The storyline and the mecha shares some similarity to Evangelion – save for the transforming nature of the giant mechas, and therefore, it was fitting that the two franchises are teaming up for a special crossover episode.

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Evangelion‘s affinity with train is not limited to Shinkalion, though. A few months ago, the phenomenally popular anime has teamed up with Aonami Line for some Evangelion-themed trains.

Shinkalion x Evangelion Crossover Anime Japan

This crossover episode, which will be aired in Japan on September 17, 2021, will feature Neon Genesis Evangelion’s (cry baby) protagonist Shinji Ikari piloting an EVA-01 unit-themed Shinkalion called Shinkalion Z 500 Type EVA.

Like other mechas in the franchise, Shinkalion Z 500 Type EVA is based on the real-life bullet train. Not surprisingly, this unusual mecha anime was a collaboration between Takara Tomy and Japan Railways Group, operator of Shinkansen.

This isn’t the first time Shinkalion has teamed up with Evangelion, btw. They did in the first season too with a mecha called Shinkalion 500 Type EVA. So, yeah, it is pretty much the same, except for a different storyline and takes place at Toe Kyoto Studio Park, which is a real-life theme park where a life-size, upper torso of Unit-01 calls home.

In related news… there will also be a toy based on Shinkalion Z 500 Type EVA. So, fans of Evangelion may want to keep their eyes out on this one. Meanwhile, here are some official images of the action figure:

And here are a couple of videos on the current season of Shinkalion, Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z:

Images: Shinkalion [JP].

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