The Sony X-Series Range Party Speakers announced last month in Europe has been announced for NA markets. The SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500 will sell for US$448, US$348, and US$448, respectively when they become available on June 11.

Sony SRS-XB-13 Bluetooth Speaker

Additionally, Sony has revealed another X speaker, SRS-XB13. But this new X speaker ain’t no party boombox like the trio. I mean, it is tiny, like 3 and half inches kind of tiny, which means it won’t be summoning the party monster in anyone. However, it does pack quite some punch.

Features include Sound Diffusion Processor, EXTRA BASS with a passive radiator, and up to 16 hours of battery life. The SRS-XB-13 is a go everywhere speaker and it ain’t afraid of the outdoor, poolside or lakes – thanks to the IP67 rated construction and UV coating.

Sony SRS-XB-13 Bluetooth Speaker

Interestingly, it can be suspended upside down to create “a waterfall sound effect” which Sony said will achieve “a more immersive listening experience.” I have absolutely no idea how that works, TBH.

Anywho, the take-it-with-you design is further bolstered by a multiway strap for attaching it to a backpack, wrist or whatnot.

Sony SRS-XB-13 Bluetooth Speaker

Other notables include built-in mic for hands-free calling, Bluetooth technology (obviously), Google Fast Pair technology, USB-C port for charging, and the ability to connect two XB-13 to create stereo sound.

The new Sony SRS-XB13 Speaker is available to order for US$58. Shipping is slated to happen starting June 11, 2021.

Sony SRS-XB-13 Bluetooth Speaker
Sony SRS-XB-13 Bluetooth Speaker

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Images: Sony Electronics.

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