It will be a while before robotic kitchen helpers become a reality and so for now, you are pretty much on your own, dealing with preparation of the ingredients to cooking to cleaning up. The Souschef Smart Recipe-based Ingredient Dispenser here is not a robot. It won’t take the work of cooking or cleaning away when you whip up a meal, but it will, however, eliminate the task of picking ingredients from the process. In a way, it is kind of like an ingredient dispensing robot. The high-quality wood surface offers home chefs a stylish and functional top for all their chopping and dicing needs, and beneath, it has an array of actuators-equipped ingredient jars and containers that will dispense ingredients systematically as per the recipe you are working on.

Souschef Smart Recipe-based Ingredient Dispenser
You can say it is a high-tech chop board, but it is really a robot of sort.

At the heart of the Souschef (not to be confused with the online grocery store) is a computer with a 2.7-inch OLED display and touch interface that lets you choose from pre-loaded recipes, online sources or from those entered by you, and the computer will work in sync with the actuator-equipped jars to dispense the ingredients needed as you as cook. With Souschef, not only will you be getting the precise ingredients as required by the dish you are working on, but it ensures you don’t miss any of it. And it is smart device too, allowing you to select the servings desired and it will spit out the amount of ingredients appropriate for the chosen number of servings.

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Also onboard is an integrated weighing scale with 4-point force sensors for weighting large raw ingredients like meat, so you’d be following the recipe to the T. From the get-go, Souschef’s proposition sound rather enticing, though granted, there are still much ‘ground work’ to be done, such as selecting the required ingredients and preparing them to be stored in the jars prior to cooking, and perhaps, logging in the recipe you desired.

Souschef Smart Recipe-based Ingredient Dispenser
The brain behind Souschef: an integrated computer with OLED display and touch interface

That said, if you don’t cook very often, those pre-cooking tasks may very well turn out to be more a hassle than good and may even turn a piece of high-tech kitchen countertop assistant like such into a pricey chopping board slash weighing scale. On the other hand, if you do cook a lot based on the same bunch of ingredients such as required by most Asian’s food, then Souschef could be answer to streamlining your cooking process and perhaps, even help you in averting potential cooking disasters, resulting from ingredient mixed up and such.

If you are up for a high-tech cooking experience, then you’d be glad to know that Souschef ain’t no concept; it is a real product which you can pre-order off Indiegogo. But be warned, it doesn’t come cheap. The first 100 units with wooden top is going for $199 and the subsequent units with either a white or black top, goes for a cool $349 each. Delivery is expected to be fulfilled sometime in June/July in 2016. Check out the pitch video below to learn more about Souschef.

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