SPAR Zephyr portable speaker cum charger

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(photos: SPAR) SPAR Zephyr | from US$99.99 |

portable speaker that streams wirelessly via Bluetooth is a dime a dozen these days but all of them does one or two things in common, like the obvious playing of music via Bluetooth streaming from your iDevices or any other Bluetooth-enabled media player. similarly, these speakers also allow you to use them as speakerphone. however, the SPAR Zephyr featured here does more than that: it also doubles as a battery extender for your mobile gadgets. in short, it also charges your handset via USB when your handset needs a boost of juice. though, SPAR did not detail how long would its Zephyr’s juice last if your handset hitch a ride on it. three models are currently up for pre-order with a price tag starting from $99.99 and runs up to $159.99 each.
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SPAR via Cool Material

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