there are lots of ways to make your mark; signature is one of them, and so are thumbprints, or for those high on alcohol, perhaps, pissing would be it (just kidding, don’t do that), but nothing speaks creative and gets conversation going by having a portrait stamp featuring a hand-drawn portrait of yourself. creativity duo, Hannah and Kevin of Stamp Yo Face!, are the folks behind this brilliant idea which they call Custom Portrait Stamp. they will translate any headshot (yours, your love one, couple, or even your pet dog) of your choice into hand-drawn portrait, digitized them, and professionally cut into rubber and adhere to a wooden stamp.

the entire process will take between three and four weeks to complete. as a bonus, you will also receive the original hand-drawn portrait, digital file of the portrait and a black ink pad to get you started in the stamping fun. available as custom single portrait stamp, couple custom portrait stamp, and custom pet portrait stamp, or if your ego is not as big, you can grab some ready-made famous people portrait stamps. how does Prince, Justin Bieber and Jesus, sounds to you? yeah. those. prices start at $65.

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Stamp Yo Face! Custom Portrait Stamp

Stamp Yo Face! via Laughing Squid

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