Steampunk cufflinks are also 8 GB USB flash drives

Artype Mechanical Memory USB Cufflinks 544x360px
(image credit: Artype/Rob) Mechanical Memory USB Cufflinks | US$sold |

we are a little slow on this. at the time of this posting, this beautiful item are already sold but it is still worthwhile posting it. why? just check out the images after the break and you will probably agree with me. this would be a must-have for all steampunk fans. conceived and handmade by British designer Rob of Artype Design, this pair of cufflinks are handcrafted out from walnut and features no less than 30 individual parts from old pocket watches intricately embedded. this cufflinks not only serves as a fashion statement but also doubles as an USB flash drive with 8 GB capacity, wait… it’s actually 8 GB on each cufflink. wonderful, isn’t it? getting to work with the documents literally at your wrists. as Rob has recommended – one for personal and the other for work. clever. the USB end features a blue activity LED framed by a metal ring which shows through the lid when the drive is working.
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this item was on Etsy for $225 but its gone now. if you are keen, perhaps you could head on to Rob’s Artype Design website and persuade him to make you a pair. while you are there, check out some of Rob’s other works which includes a very intricately carved electric guitar body. gorgeous!

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Artype Mechanical Memory USB Cufflinks 544x360px Artype Mechanical Memory USB Cufflinks 544x360px Artype Mechanical Memory USB Cufflinks 544x600px

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