Clair-S May Be The Future Of Air Purifiers, One That’ll Coax You To Sleep

While a air purifier does help to keep the air in your home a little cleaner, but having clean air does little help you fall or sleep, or ensure you stay asleep when do you do managed to enter the la la land. Obviously, difficultly in falling asleep or light sleeper is a problem everyone […]

Mist Is A Handsome Air Purifier That Also Sanitizes Surfaces With Vapor

Like most people, we have seen our fair share of air purifiers and they are, well, just air purifiers. As far as design is concerned, they hardly wow. So far, the only one that impresses us is Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2, but now, there’s another that managed had us at hello. Meet Mist, an […]

ROOT is a Stunning (De)Humidifier/Air Purifier Concept That Succeeds in Looking Like a Furniture

If you live in countries with four seasons, then you will probably complain about two things: humid summer and dry winter, which result in you having two separate appliances to keep the air dry during those hot summer days and another to wet the air to counter the dry winter season. ROOT, conceptualized by South […]

Dyson Wants to Rid the Air of Airborne Bacteria with Air Purifying Bladeless Fan

Instead of coming out with a separate standalone appliance, Dyson is kind of obsessed with making their appliances do double duty. It has a fan that spits out hot and cold air, humidifier that kills bacteria, then a faucet that blow dries your hands and now, it has a fan, a bladeless one to be […]

Belkin Collaborates with Holmes to Make Air Purifier and Heaters Smarter

Can’t get enough home automation? Or maybe just irk by the fact that some of your home appliances are still not smart enough? Well, then there is more good news for you from Belkin. It has just announced three more WeMo-enabled products, this time collaborating with Jarden Consumer Solutions’ Holmes brand. The products include Holmes […]

100% Natural Air Purifier For Cars That Actually Purifies The Air Instead Of Masking It

we are all familiar with car air purifiers. more often than not, these so-called air purifiers create an illusion of freshness in the car by masking the odors with pleasant smelling aroma. that’s not to mention the myriad of chemicals that are being introduced into a closed environment which might not be everyone’s favor. however, […]

Airocide Air Purifier with NASA-developed Technology

we are not obsessed with super clean air, but if there’s one air purifier that’s based on NASA-developed technology to rid the air of contaminates, you know we’d be pretty thrilled. the appropriately named Airocide air purifier (genocide, airocide? yea. think you get the idea), employs photo-catalytic process to eliminate