Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone

NFC provides an awesome, if not cool way to transfer digital content between NFC-capable Android phones, but to be honest, the transfer don’t always happen smoothly. so the next time you want to share photos or videos with your family and friends who are physically with you, considering using the Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone.

LifeLink Smartphone Cable

USB cable is one of those necessarily evil you love to hate, but yet you can’t leave home without, simply because your portable battery charger needs it to charge your smartphone. a cable might not be cumbersome, but nevertheless a pain in the butt to bring around, until now. meet the LifeLink Smartphone Cable, a super portable

MightyCarma Aura Smart Dock

you don’t need the law to tell you that using your smartphone while driving is extremely dangerous, but if you really must, then you really should consider getting yourself the Aura Smart Dock by MightyCarma. what this ‘smart dock’ does is, it gives your Android smartphone a place to rest and a wireless remote that works

MOGA Power Smartphone Game Controllers

mobile gaming using touchscreen is not exactly the most ideal mode of control and that’s not mention how gaming tends to drain precious juice from your communication device. the solution? the MOGA Power Smartphone Game Controllers which comprises of two models: the MOGA Hero Power and the MOGA Pro Power.

Hale Dreamer Smart Alarm Dock For Android

when it comes to alarm clock in Android devices, most people are quite content with the software running the business. however, you know how not fail safe it is, such as accidentally swiping ‘disarm’ instead of snooze or volume is barely audible enough to tickle your dream. this is where the Hale Dreamer Smart Alarm Dock For Android comes in.

Softpad C1 Foldable NFC Keyboard for Android

billed as the world’s first NFC keyboard, the Softpad C1 Foldable NFC Keyboard for Android smartphones by Norwegian company One2Touch uses NFC for swift pairing with your NFC-enabled Android smartphones and thru this close proximity wireless connection, equipping your Android smartphones with a full-size

Sony Cyber-Shot QX Lens Cameras

the Sony Cyber-shot QX Lens Cameras may sounds rather confusing. you may ask if they are cameras or just lenses? actually, they are both. it may even appears to be an extra accessory which you might not need, however, if bringing these lens cameras could save yourself from having to bring a real camera along on your next trip, i guess

Must-have Android Accessory: Pressy

while we are all for Google’s effort to minimize the number of buttons on our smartphones, there are times we do miss the buttons. you see, hard buttons, unlike soft buttons, saves you the hassle of turning on your phone to actually do something, actually that’s not true. we only realized that when we stumbled upon this little must-have Android accessory called Pressy.

Sena Cases for Samsung GALAXY S4

already researching for the best case for your upcoming Samsung GALAXY S4? if leather is your kind of thing, then perhaps the Sena Cases for Samsung GALAXY S4 might tickles your fancy. instead of the usual plastic offering, Sena Cases has out four Nappa leather items that should have most folks’ need covered. the