Almost Steampunk-ish uKeg Pressurized Growler Keeps Beer Fresh for As Long As You Want

craft beer lovers. you know how is it like with growlers. they are a moment of joy thing, cos’ days later all that’s left is flat brew and that’s not to mention the insult of having pour, instead of draining it from a tap and also glass growler can be really fragile. yes. you can […]

Synek Brings Draft Beer To Your Countertop With More Variety Than You Can Drink

men have long been fascinated with draft beer and hence beside hitting the local watering hole for a mug or two, there are kegerators to you happy at home too, but kegerators, if they are even affordable, are no simple machines and often, once setup, it will be a hassle to relocate the machine. this […]

Brewbarrel Lets You Brew Your Own One-Of-The-Kind Customized Beer

‘home brewing kit’ makes it sound like beer brewing at home is a piece of cake. well, it is not. if you haven’t had your hands with home brewing kit before, then you have no idea what’s installed for you. mess is the single best word to describe the aftermath, or maybe that same word […]

Beautiful Beer Foamer Lets You Create Draft Beer Foam

unless it is from the tap, the beer poured out of a bottle or can will always be missing the foam that draft beer has. so why do you even need the foam? we don’t know. perhaps it is for the same reason why cappuccino needs to have foam, or why wine needs a decanter […]

Bowling Pin-shaped Six-Pack Lets You Reuse Them As, Well, Bowling Pins

glass, which most beers are bottled in, is not as recyclable as we initially thought. with a recycling rate of mere 28%, glass is definitely way off the mark as a choice material for recycling, but regardless, it is a preferred material for many fluid-based products, including men’s first love: booze. however, one Russia-based dude […]

Foster’s Radler Lime & Ginger

if you love to drink, but can’t quite hold alcohol as well, then Australian beer maker, Foster’s, might have something for you. the new Foster’s Radler Lime & Gingers offers a refreshingly different and lower-strength booze with a dash of fruity-cross-spicy flavor and since it is extremely light, having just 2 percent ABV, this new flavor…

Apollo 70 Airstream Land Yacht Mobile Bar

looking to party at just about anywhere? then we reckon the Apollo 70 Airstream Land Yacht Mobile Bar will be right up your alcoholic alley. no kidding. this is the mobile bar that any hardcore party organizers would love to have. instead serving its purpose as a family camper, UK-based Apollo 70 Airstream Bar and Catering…

Toniiq Ultra Premium Hangover Prevention

hangover. who doesn’t have them after a serious night of intoxication? like all things in life, we want the good stuff and not the after effects and this is why career party animals need Toniiq (pronounce as ‘tonic’). sure, there are tons of cures for hangover, ranging from the traditional to the modern ‘medicine’, but they are after…

Light Up LED Beer Pong Table

marrying the mesmerizing psychedelic disco funk and the sport of beer pong is this Light Up LED Beer Pong Table (officially, ‘Glowing Infinity Music Party Table’) that is going to change the way you look at beer pong – literally. sporting a non-rust metal construction that is designed to withstand the full on blow of any given parties…

Draft Beer Jelly Beans

if you are a habitual beer drinker dangerously straddling into the alcoholic status, then you might be interested in the Draft Beer Jelly Beans. these jelly has the goodness of the jelly beans you come to know since as a child, but has an enticing beer flavor that could potentially serves as the fix for your craving.