Shinola’s First Single-speed Bicycle, Detroit Arrow, Reminds Us of Grandpa’s Classy Two-wheeler

If appreciate all things with a touch of retro, then we think you will probably like Detroit Arrow Bicycle by Shinola. For starter, it is a single speed model – a first for Shinola, which harkens back to the days where things were a little simpler. No fancy multi speed gears to mess with. Want […]

This Children Bicycle is Made from 100% Recycled Carpet and Will Grow With Your Kids

Kids learning to ride and learning to appreciate the environment don’t quite mix, do they? No, they don’t and the Wishbone 3-in1 Children Bike Recycled Edition here will certainly not address both. It will, however, achieve two things: let your kids learn the art of riding, progressively and also do the a Earth a huge […]

This is Impossible Folding Electric Bike and it Fits Inside a Regular Backpack

How small should a foldable electric bike be to be considered really portable? How about one that fits inside a regular backpack? Sounds impossible? Well, that’s precisely why the bike here is called the Impossible Folding Electric Bike. The electric bicycle was conceived by Beijing-based Impossible Technology with the aim to take bike portability to […]

You Can’t Walk On Water, But You Certainly Can Cycle On It With Schiller X1 Water Bicycle

we fly, we skim over water and dive under it, but yet, we still can’t walk on water even when aided by technology. it is indeed a shame that despite the technological advancements, walking on water is completely off limit to mankind, well, at least until the day we have gigantic feet (i don’t wish […]

Otocycles Retro-styling Electric Bikes Looks Like The Lovable Cafe Racers Of The 50s

these craftsman electric bikes from Barcelona-based Otocycles are unlike what you have seen. instead of adhering to contemporary lines, Otocycles draws its design inspiration from the bikes of the fifties, presenting them in a form resembling the cafe racers of the 50s and 60s, but only skinnier and a whole lot environmentally-friendly. the thing that […]

This Is A Has-It-All Bike That Might Make Add-on Accessories Things Of The Past

we think about automobile of the future. we think about other possibilities with respect to powered transportations, but we never really give a thought to the most basic form of human-powered alternative, namely bicycle. that’s until Oregon Manifest comes and challenge the bike designers to rethink what a bicycle should be for today’s urban environment. […]

Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trike: 6.5HP And Massive 26-inch Wheel. Need We Say More?

as much as we love green machines, we do miss the growl and grunt spill out by gas guzzlers. while electric motor has yet to replace IC engine cars, it has pretty much taken over many hobbies as the power source of choice and that would include Big Wheel trike for grown ups. fortunately, the […]

The Beast Self-charging Off-road Electric Bicycle Wants To Own The Roughest Terrains

i am sure we can all agree that the word ‘beast’ is hardly an apt association with electric bicycles. beast is synonymous with aggressive and ferocious behaviors, which means when you have an electric bicycle named so, like this The Beast Electric Bicycle from Canadian firm Daymak, you have a lot to live up to. […]

Say Bye To Falling Over And Training Wheels With This Self-Balancing Bicycle

falling over or training wheels – that’s how most people picked up the skill of cycling, but with the Jyrobike Auto Balance Bicycle, those two will be a thing of the past. bill as the world’s first auto balance bicycle, the cleverly named Jyrobike has a special front wheel with gyroscopic technology that stabilizes the […]

Britek Brings Airless Tires To The Bicycle World

airless tires has been an idea auto and tire makers have been toying around for quite sometime now, and have since used on vehicles like the Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV in recent time, though no road-going car have actually use them. we suspect it might be a matter of time before they become a […]