Fortnite Video Game Gets Its Own Monopoly Board Game

There’s not one board game that come close to Monopoly’s myriad of editions. We have seen quite a handful, from Fallout to Star Wars to Back to the Future, Monopoly has it all and now, even popular video game Fortnite isn’t spare from the board game treatment. Meet the Monopoly Fortnite Edition Board Game, a […]

Gravity Warfare Is Like A Mash Up Of Jenga And Traditional Board Game

There’s a new board game in town, but it is not the kind of board game you are accustomed with. The Gravity Warfare, as it is called, is somewhat like a cross between Jenga and traditional board game. And the board? It balances on a stand. The board is where player tokens will be placed. […]

Monopoly’s Newest Edition Beckons You To Cheat By Helping You To Cheat

Can you cheat in a game of Monopoly? I don’t know how. I am a honest-to-core person who are always at the mercy of Lady Luck. But seriously, can one actually cheat? Well, as it turns out, a study made by Hasbro revealed a shocking revelation: nearly half of game players have attempted to cheat […]

Clue Game: Star Wars Edition Lets You Have A Hand In Destroying Death Star

Think Clue Game and now think Star Wars. Well, the two doesn’t quite appear to be a match, isn’t it? I mean, come’on, people die all the time in Star Wars and if it is set in the Death Star like this game does, you are going to have shit load of suspects, though the […]

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game Unveiled, Opens For Pre-order

While a remake of the classic fantasy flick, Labyrinth may not happen, it does not mean the film’s 30th anniversary will be a low-key affair. In fact, it is the opposite. The Jim Henson Company has a whole list of stuff and events planned for the movie’s Pearl anniversary and it includes new apparels, debit […]

Star Trek Risk 50th Anniversary Edition Lets The Captains Vie For The Stars

Trekkies, who do you think is the best Starfleet commander? Captain Kirk? Jean-Luc Picard? Benjamin Sisko? Kathryn Janeway? Or maybe Jonathan Archer? Instead of going on an endless and possibly heated debate over who’s the best, perhaps, you folks would like to let the board decides and by board, we do mean Risk: Star Trek […]

Monopoly: Fallout Collector’s Edition – Even Wasteland Is Worth Something!

Monopoly is set in a scenario of peace, where folks buy and sell properties, charges others for stepping on their properties and such, but I bet you do not expect that ‘business’ to be flourishing after a fallout, right? Logically, the economic will be in a ruin, but that doesn’t stop USAopoly and Bethesda, maker […]

Dark Souls Board Game Looks As Mind-Blowing As The Video Games

With over 8 million copies sold, Dark Souls is certainly not lacking of fans and so when board game maker Steamforged Games decided to bring its officially licensed Dark Souls Board Game to Kickstarter, you know it is going to get attention by the waves. And it indeed did. The campaign was reportedly funded in […]

New Edition Monopoly: Star Wars’ Rey Figure Unveiled At New York Toy Fair

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens have received much love by critics and fans alike, we can’t say the same for the merchandize that rolled out prior to the movie’s release last year, specifically with regards to the toys. Disney created quite a furore among fans when female characters, in particular, Rey, was not prominently […]

Leonardo da Vinci Board Game Reimagined, Lets You Juggle Between Art and Death

The basic concept of Monopoly board game is actually quite brilliant. In fact, the concept is so ‘general’ that it can be adapted into any imaginable themes, including the likes of The Godfather, Back to the Future et cetera. Well, the Leonardo The Game of Art and Death Plague Edition here may not be a […]