Screwdriver MINI is Tiny, But Serves Its Purpose with a Little Bit of Extra

Screwing job ranks among the most common thing execute by men (don’t think dirty!). Ok. Maybe that’s not true. We don’t have stats to back it up anyway, but regardless, if you find yourself digging through a dust-covered toolbox just for a screwdriver for some casual jobs, then the Screwdriver MINI by Screwpop is the […]

Leatherman Rev Multi-tool Puts a Toolbox in Your Hand

We do a lot of silly things in life and that includes digging through our massive toolbox for a screwdriver for a simple screwing job. Worst. That Phillips screwdriver may be buried deep down, weighed down by loads of other tools. One. Simple. Job. Seem like not worth the effort, I mean, digging for a […]

Laser Cut Bottle Opener Broke Convention, Has Animal Cutout for Popping Bottles

One) If are a nonconformist and two) a bottle of cold one every now and then, then we thing you are going to dig these bottle openers from Zootility Tools. Before we move forward, do erase any bottle opener shapes that may have conjured up in your mind at the mention of ‘bottle opener’ because […]

Despite Measuring Just 1.5 Inches, Pinch Titanium Multi-tool Still Packs 11 Functions

If until now, the size of a typical multi-tool has been stopping you from bringing one to wherever you go, then the Pinch might just change your mind. Measuring an incredibly minute 1.5 x 0.5 inches (that’s barely the width of a grown man’s finger!), this pinch-size multi-tool is crafted from titanium and packs 11 […]

Pico Titanium Micro Bottle Opener is No Bigger Than a Quarter

What do a company that design and makes bottle opener for living do with the waste materials left behind between making each bottle opener? Why, turn them into bottle opener too, of course and the result is the Pico Titanium Micro Bottle Opener, a micro-size bottle opener that is no bigger than a quarter. Now, […]

Love Firearms and Beers? Then This Assault Rifle Bottle Opener is For You

I have a thing for firearms. Unfortunately, where we come from, firearms are a big no-no. Well, actually you can still buy small arms here, but they had to be secured in a licensed range, which means your precious ones can only be admired at the range or gun club. Anyways, for gun nuts who […]

This Rugged-looking Bracelet Actually Breaks Up Into Many Tools

Well, what do you know? Multi-tool is now wearable too and the Leatherman Tread is just one such tool. And when we said ‘wearable’, we mean to say wearing it on your wrist and not hanging on your belt or backpack. So, yeah. The Tread is a rugged-style bracelet (not so much for ladies, I […]

This Wallet-friendly Comb Can Do More Than Combing Your Lovely Locks

You have seen multi-tool that holds your bang up, now meet one that combs your hair. Taking the form of a hedgehog and appropriately named Headgehog, it is a multi-functional comb that offers additional six functionalities, including a money clip (required an elastic band), Phillips screwdriver, four sizes of wrench, a chip clip, bottle opener […]

Bottle Opener Can’t Get Any More Classier and Sleek Than Tactica One

There are a lot of multi-tools out there that addresses your need for a bottle opener, but not many are brave enough to be making a single-purpose tool to pop open a cold one and for that, we applaud Tactica’s spirit. In the name of building a precision bottle opener with the sole purpose of […]

EDC Card Updated Multi-tool Card With Tougher Material and Over 30 Functions

the idea of card size multi-tool isn’t newest idea, though so, we noted it hasn’t change much to adapt to modern applications. that said, we are glad to hear that someone has finally decides it is time for a change and the result is the EDC Multi-tool Card you see here. honestly, the product name […]