Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products

the Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products bear no relation to the alien-saint Yoda in Star Wars and the folks who started this line of awesome products certainly don’t speak like that little green sage (hear for yourself in pledge video below). anyway, if your idea of awesome accessories is carbon fiber

Snapback Slim Wallet

to describe minimalist wallet as a dime a dozen seems like an understatement. on this site alone, we have seen dozens of them, so we are careful not to post lame examples. the Snapback Slim Wallet is one of minimal example that we actually taken fancy with. at a glance, it looks just like any any one slot contraption with occasional elastic band for host of other items

OneKlip Multifunction Bottle Opener

you can grab a plain bottle opener and be done with it, but why do that when there is one that can do a whole lot of other things apart from popping open bottles? bottles, meet your new best friend, OneKlip Multifunction Bottle Opener. so what does OneKlip do you asked? a lot of things, but lets begin with its construction: a minimal stainless steel

Keylet – Key and Wallet System

things that people are willing to do to overcome life’s clutter, even when we are out and about, are amazing and designer Anthony Hoang and engineer Nhu Truong takes the concept of personal clutter-reduction to the extreme by integrating two of your most essential keys into a sleek credit card-sized brushed stainless steel money clip. dubbed the Keylet…