25-Year-Old On-The-Go Coffee Maker Updated And It Is Looking Good!

Montana-based Planetary Design, maker of hot beverage equipment, has recently reintroduced its popular French press mugs, the Big Sky Bistro, with an artistic twist. Now, if you don’t already know, French press mug is essentially an on-the-go coffee maker and mug combo first introduced 25 years ago. Twenty-five-freaking-years! So, yeah, you’d be right to say […]

An Espresso-making Smartphone Case Got Suspended By Kickstarter And We Wonder Why

Have you heard? There was a Kickstarter project which involves a smartphone case that makes espresso. Yes. The caffeinated beverage that so many love. Out of a smartphone case. Sounds like a pipe dream? Well, it probably is because Kickstarter has since halted the campaign, reportedly, due to the failure on its creators’ part to […]

PERK Makes Complex Pour-over Coffee Possible At The Press Of A Button

If you ask any true coffee connoisseur, the ultimate in coffee enjoy is not the hot cuppa of joe churned out by your typical coffee machines; it is the good’ol fashion pour-over brew, but if you know coffee, you will also know how hard it is to get the perfect brew. Why? Obviously, not everyone […]

CoffeePress Turns Biolite KettlePot Into A French-press For Camping

As far as keeping your devices charged, lighting up the night, filling your growling stomach* and quenching your thirst goes, Biolite has you covered, well, almost. It is not until of late that it finally has all your camping needs covered with an accessory that sees to your caffeine fix too. Meet the BioLite CoffeePress, […]

GINA Coffee Maker Brings Together 3 Brewing Techniques With Technology

If you are adamant about having a good cup of joe every time, then a regular coffee maker won’t be good enough. Very likely, you will need to own a scale, a grinder, a french press, a pour over, and even a cold drip, in case you crave for a cold caffeinated beverage on a […]

Well, What Do You Know? Even Coffee Press Has Gone Modular

Getting your daily morning fix of joe is not as easy as it sounds when you are not a home or you are not within the confine of a concrete jungle. If there’s one person who knows the scarcity of coffee in those situations, it would be Kenneth Chai. As he was stationed all over […]

Portable Coffee Press That Makes Joe Without Bitterness Is A Win

If you are crazy about coffee, we bet you probably own at least one on-the-go coffee maker. And if you do own one, you may have noticed something peculiar about coffee that’s made with such contraptions; it tastes rather bitter. Obviously, that’s not everyone’s cuppa, though we can’t dismiss that some do have a bitter […]

The Oomph Lets You Make 13 oz. Of Perfect Coffee Anywhere In A Minute And A Half

The world is not lacking of coffee lovers who have the knack for designing stuff and The Oomph Portable Coffee Maker you see here is yet another crack by self-professed coffee geeks who claimed to be able to brew the perfect on the go coffee. Much like some of the portable coffee makers we have […]

Noir Pistol-style Coffee Maker and Bullet Shell Espresso Cups Take “a Shot of Espresso” to a Whole New Level

This really takes “a shot of espresso” to a whole new level. We talking about the Noir Pistol-style Coffee Maker and Bullet Shell-style Espresso Cups (not the official product name, btw) which comprises of an aluminum coffee pot that resembles a pistol – complete with soft touch pistol grip for handle (duh) and a barrel […]

Forget About Dispensing Ice. GE’s New Fridge Can Make A Hot Cup Of Joe

When the refrigerator was first invented, I bet nobody ever thought it could do more than keep stuff cold and make freezing cold ice cubes. Wait. Actually that’s about what it does the whole time, well, maybe with the exception of an external water or ice dispenser, but that’s pretty much it… until now. Meet […]