As Apple Files Folding Display Patent, A Designer Imagine What A Folding iPhone Will Look Like

Pop up camera, hole-punched camera, under display fingerprint scanner. None of those smartphone features seem to interest Apple. But the folding display seems to pique Apple interests as it has been revealed that the Cupertino tech giant is working on a new technology to enable durable folding display. In the patent filed, Apple detailed how […]

If Nintendo Ever Want To Reboot The GameBoy, The Flex Should Be It

With the introduction of Nintendo Switch more in 2016, you know very well that Nintendo won’t be reviving its iconic portable gaming device, GameBoy, because, Switch is in itself both a console and a portable gaming device. A modern GameBoy won’t happen despite the tidal wave of nostalgia by gamers all over the world. Many […]

This Drone Splits Into Four To Rescue People Trapped In High Rise Fires

As the population in city centers grow, buildings become taller in order to accommodate more people in the same square area. In times of emergency, such as an outbreak of fire, towering skyscrapers present a new challenge for first responder like fire fighters. Fighting fire is one thing; retrieving people trapped in high rise buildings […]

Lenovo Sound Cube Headphone Is Not Out-Of-The-Box, It Literally Is The Box

Headphone designs almost always revolved around the same circular or elliptical design, or in somewhat rather rare cases, in rectangular form. After seeing the norm all these while, it is refreshing to see this design from current Logitech industrial designer Erick Yongook Guack. We noticed Erick posted this boxy cans way back in 2012 and […]

Action Figure And Toy Car Of Japanese Man Caught Going At 235 Km/h

Here’s an interesting concept action figure/toy car design by Taiwanese designer Goodzilla based on “the legendary speeding uncle from Japan.” The story went that sometime in March 2018, a 41-year-old Japanese man, Yoshimune Shirai, was arrested for speeding. The man was reportedly going at a mind-bending 235 km/h (146 mph) in a Dodge Challenger. At […]

Pod Case Will Turn Apple Watch Into An iPod Lookalike. Yes, Really!

Remember iPod nano? The square form factor, super tiny music player from Apple? And remember how people turned it into a watch prior to the market introduction of Apple Watch? Well, we might be seeing a resurgence of this gadget “re-appropriation.” But no, iPod nano is not making a comeback. Instead, the Pod Case for […]

Future Porsche Cars May Have HUD-style Augmented Reality Windscreen

When it comes to innovative car tech, Jaguar Land Rover leads the pack. We have seen how the group’s research on transparent pillar and transparent hood, and how it plans to leverage on augmented reality to overlay real-time information on the entire windscreen. Speaking of the latter, Porsche apparently has the same idea too, albeit […]

Maker Of AK-47 Wants To Make A Robocop’s ED-09-like Mecha Robot

Well, what do you know? Kalashnikov, the Russian arm manufacturer best known for its AK-47 assault rifle, is not just into making electric motorcycle for the military, it apparently also has the desire to build a mecha robot. That’s right, the statue-like mecha robot, that looked suspiciously like ED-209 from 1987’s Robocop, you see here […]

Designer Envisions People And Dogs To Drink From Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are necessary evil that stick out like a sore thumb in any location. They are a common sight that most city dwellers have learned to live with, or simply ignore them. However, industrial design graduate Dimitri Nassisi harbors a bold idea of changing this necessary amenity into something more purposeful. He wants to […]

Designer Imagines The Slim Bezel Hype Catches On With iPad Pro

Have you ever look at an iPad Pro and go ewww at the large bezel? I know I do. So far, the edge-to-edge display craze is limited to smartphone. It has not quite proliferate to tablet. Seriously, I hope it does. Bezels are disgusting. They shouldn’t exist at all. That’s my sentiment and perhaps because […]