The Demogorchid LEGO MOC By Joss Woodyard: LEGO Orchid Set Meets Demogorgon

This is a LEGO MOC created by the winner of LEGO Masters Australia 2022 Joss Woodyard aka jayfa_mocs. Yup, it certainly looks like the LEGO Orchid set met some chemical mishap and turned into this monstrosity. Or the lovechild of a Demogorgon and the LEGO Orchid set. You sick bastard, Demogorgon. Bad Demogorgon!

LEGO Ideas Submission Multi-Tool: Swiss Army Knife, The LEGO Way

What you see here is the LEGO version of Victorinox’s Swiss Army knife proposed by LEGO Ideas member Tall Guy Brick called Multi-Tool. Instead of a can opener, a sawblade, a pair of scissors, a main blade, and more found in a typical Swiss Army knife, the LEGO Multi-Tool is an attempt to create a, …

Honda’s ASIMO Brought Back To “Life” With This Proposed LEGO Ideas Set

Honda may have retired its robot ASIMO last year but someone has brought it back to “life” and all it needs now is your support and if lucks have it, the nod of approval from LEGO. That’s right. Someone has recreated the ASIMO, the Advanced Humanoid Robot developed by Honda, with LEGO elements.

LEGO Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End Is The Fan Submission For 50 Years Of Dungeons & Dragons

A while ago LEGO Ideas asked fans to submit their Dungeons & Dragons build for the Dungeons & Dragons x LEGO Ideas 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons Challenge. Fans were invited to vote after the expert review and after much deliberation, we finally have a winner.

LEGO Ideas Exploring Pandora Challenge: Floating Islands For The Win!

Remember how we lamented that none of the new LEGO Avatar sets feature floating mountains? Well, it looks like one LEGO enthusiast shared the same thought and created exactly that for the ongoing LEGO Ideas “Exploring Pandora” challenge. LEGO Ideas member Galaxy333 has created “Wonders of Pandora” that features a brick-built landscape of the jungles …

Proposed LEGO Ideas IKEA Store Modular Set: We Promised You Won’t Be Lost In There

IKEA has already collaborated with LEGO, and so a proposed LEGO Ideas set of an IKEA Store is more plausible than say the Milwaukee Art Museum (which, unfortunately, was not shortlisted in 2020) if it gets 10,000 support. And so yes, someone has proposed a LEGO set based on an IKEA store.