TRON Lightcycle Power Run: Roller Coaster Thrill In Motorbike Style

This is TRON Lightcycle Power Run, a thrill ride available at Shanghai Disneyland Resort. What makes this roller coaster so special is the roller coaster car which, as the ride name suggests, is really motorcycle, the TRON Lightcycle from the rebooted sci-fi flick TRON: Legacy. What this means is, you are exposed as you were […]

Behind The Scene Of The Upcoming AVATAR-Themed Park At Disney

Director James Cameron had this crazy idea known today as AVATAR as far back as 1995 but back then technology wasn’t available to make it without breaking the bank. Now, not only AVATAR was made and screened in 2009, already sequels (yes, sequel, as in more than one) have been planned. Fast forward 7 years […]

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle Gets Immortalized In LEGO Bricks

Arguably one of the most iconic structures in our lifetime, The Disney Castle finally gets immortalized in LEGO bricks. The LEGO 71040 The Disney Castle announced recently is made up of a whopping 4,080 pieces and comes with five delightful (or not, depending on your inclination) minifigs of equally iconic characters, including Donald Duck, Daisy […]

Disney’s Star Wars Experience Includes Piloting The Millennium Falcon

Star Wars is growing big with Disney and as some of you may have read, Disney is in the process of constructing Star Wars-themed additions to the two U.S. theme parks. However, little was known beyond it is doing something. Then on this past Sunday, Han Solo aka Harrison Ford, himself revealed what those intergalactic […]