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AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water

pressurized water is something outdoor enthusiasts yearned for while average joe like us take for granted. having pressurized water source while out in wild offers lots of conveniences like ease of washing cookware, getting rid of mud of your feet et cetera. sure, you could use a regular water bottle, but that’s going to take lots of water which means unnecessary water wastage. with the AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water you can now have pressurized water when you are out in the field. AQUABOT is basically an attachment designed as a direct replacement for 63 mm wide-mouth water bottles such as the Camelbak and Nalgene. all you have to do is to replace the stock cover or cap, pump up the AQUABOT and you pretty much all set. Continue reading AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water

Maxam Enormous 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask

you probably didn’t want to admit it, but your usual 18oz flask just isn’t enough to hold all the adult beverage that your body needs. but hey, this is the 21st century where anything can be made happen, like a 1 Gallon flask, for example. the Maxam Enormous 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask, it as what it says, holds up to 1 Gallon of your favorite burning liquid which is a lot of hard liquor for one person to down. to put things into perspective, this little big guy here allows you to stash nearly a little over five bottles of Wild Turkey Bourbon of 700ml each into it. so, if don’t get drunk pouring all those liquor into your guts by then, you deserve another gallon and a pad on the back. it is one giant flask that any parents will frown upon, but it is also one that your pals will salute you to, and since it measures 8-1/8″ x 15″ x 2-1/8″, it is unlikely you will be able to sneak this into any forbidden places without a backpack. Continue reading Maxam Enormous 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask

Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

just like drinking and driving, drinking and firearms don’t mix. but there are exceptions, and this ‘exception’ happens to be in the form of the Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass. if the product name doesn’t quite say anything, here’s the deal for you macho shot lover: each of the Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass is machined from heat-treated billet aluminum, forming a 1.5 oz. (44 ml) shot glass style after the flash suppressor aka muzzle of an M16 Assault Rifle, in anodized grey finish for that added ‘tactical’ touch. no, it doesn’t have slots like the real muzzle does. else, it wouldn’t be able to hold your favorite fiery beverage, would it? Continue reading Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

Gentleman’s Survival Kit

the purpose of this kit is quite obvious. then again, what a man needs during an emergency varies from man to man and situation to situation, but the Gentleman’s Survival Kit you see here should covers the needs of 99 percent of the man folks population with items ranging from hatchet (aka axe. not your guitar, though we know we all need some rocking time when hit the rough patch) for cutting down woods, or for self-defense against hungry wolves that are dying to get a piece of you (we didn’t say that), match tin for whatever, a vintage flask for some burning beverage – necessary for those long, cold nights, whiskey (pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think so?), plus some kindling stuff and matches for the fire necessary for meals Continue reading Gentleman’s Survival Kit

The Macallan x Oakley The Flask

a serious drinker will never leave home without a flask. such contraption keeps an alcohol lover alive and often, it is not a drinkware that one would be proud to showoff. in the past, it was a serious sigh of alcoholism, but that was, as said, the past. because things are gonna change if you have The Macallan x Oakley The Flask, a carefully thought out alcoholic beverage containment contraption that’s going to make holding out a flask in the public NOT a taboo thing anymore. crafted from a wonder combination of food-grade steel, carbon fiber and aerospace-grade aluminum, The Flask will keep your 21-and-over beverage safe and sound even if the sky falls down on you. Continue reading The Macallan x Oakley The Flask

Build-on Brick Mug – LEGO-style Mug

you can’t really proclaim yourself a true LEGO geek unless you are actually working for the Danish company or your life revolves around those little colorful bricks – like having those spare bricks of yours stick around your coffee mug, for example. that, my friend, is your path to LEGO geek-nirvana and ThinkGeek has just the mug for that would help you in attaining that awesome blocky enlightenment, and it is called the Build-on Brick Mug. it hasn’t have a LEGO name to it, cos’ it is not an officially licensed LEGO merchandise but still, it has studs and holes surrounding the mug Continue reading Build-on Brick Mug – LEGO-style Mug

Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit
Zombie Survival Kit | US$79.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

you have prepared for rain armed with umbrella or raincoat, so it wouldn’t hurt to be prepped in the event that there’s an unfortunate zombie outbreak, wouldn’t it? if you are on the same page with us, then ThinkGeek has just the package you will need: the Zombie Survival Kit. for $79.90, you will get a SOG Tactical Tomahawk, complete with fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle and sheath, for your zombie-slashing fest, a Zombie Crime Scene Tape, a Collapsible Shot Glass, Dissolving Hand Soap Sheets, a Survival Kit in a Sardine Can Continue reading Zombie Survival Kit

OPMOD Battle Mug with AR-15 carry handle

OPMOD Battle Mug
(photos: Optics Planet) OPMOD Battle Mug | US$249.99 | www.opticsplanet.com

with so many fancy bottle openers in the market, you must be wondering “don’t anyone drink draft anymore?” certainly there are, so before you start mourning over the potential demise of the good’ol draft beer, this particularly manly beer mug might just give you a good reason why a tap is better than a bottle. CNC-machined out of a solid 13.5 pounds (6.1 kilograms) 6061 T6 billet aluminum, the OPMOD Battle Mug comes complete with three military-spec 1913 scope rails that are ready to take on scope, laser sight, tactical rail light or any other tactical gear that you desire to further boost your manliness when downing a pint and a half of those frothy beverage. Continue reading OPMOD Battle Mug with AR-15 carry handle

expresso-loving shutterbugs’ Shot Glass Lens Set

The Shot Glass Lens Set 544x368px
(image credit: Photojojo) The Shot Glass Lens Set | US$18.00 | photojojo.com

for expresso loving shutterbugs, downing a shot or two of expresso in the wee hours is the perfect way to start a morning photo shoot assignment, and what better way to do it then to take the shot from your favorite lens? well, not literally but there is always the Shot Glass Lens Set to do the job. just like the full size lens mug counterpart, it embodies detail (albeit in tiny proportion, that is) like focus-ring ridges, auto-manual focus switch, raised numberings et cetera. for just $18 you will get yourself a set of three such ceramic glasses, so that your fellow expresso loving shutterbug pals can join you for a shot to energize their days too. now that this drinkware has addressed the need for caffeine-addict shutterbugs, we should really explore what can be done for our alcohol (tequila, in particular) loving shutterbugs. a few more look of this cute drinkware set after the break. Continue reading expresso-loving shutterbugs’ Shot Glass Lens Set

DSLR coin bank, ‘Canon’ and ‘Nikon’ lens mugs grew taller

DSLR Bank-20-70mm Canon and Nikon Lens Mugs 544x380px
can’t get enough of shutterbug-oriented novelty gears? fret not as Photojojo has just introduced yet another pair of lens mugs, except that this time round they are much taller then the previous incarnations. had enough of mugs? again, no worries as now there’s a DSLR coin bank that keeps your saving safe while being a little discreet, or so i thought. first in line is the Extra Tall “Nikon” Lens Mug but unlike its name, it is more than just a mug – it is also a thermos. unscrew the the bottom cap, and you have yourself a handled mug. perfect for those correspondent job in the middle of the cold desert night. Continue reading DSLR coin bank, ‘Canon’ and ‘Nikon’ lens mugs grew taller