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expresso-loving shutterbugs’ Shot Glass Lens Set

The Shot Glass Lens Set 544x368px
(image credit: Photojojo) The Shot Glass Lens Set | US$18.00 | photojojo.com

for expresso loving shutterbugs, downing a shot or two of expresso in the wee hours is the perfect way to start a morning photo shoot assignment, and what better way to do it then to take the shot from your favorite lens? well, not literally but there is always the Shot Glass Lens Set to do the job. just like the full size lens mug counterpart, it embodies detail (albeit in tiny proportion, that is) like focus-ring ridges, auto-manual focus switch, raised numberings et cetera. for just $18 you will get yourself a set of three such ceramic glasses, so that your fellow expresso loving shutterbug pals can join you for a shot to energize their days too. now that this drinkware has addressed the need for caffeine-addict shutterbugs, we should really explore what can be done for our alcohol (tequila, in particular) loving shutterbugs. a few more look of this cute drinkware set after the break. Continue reading expresso-loving shutterbugs’ Shot Glass Lens Set

DSLR coin bank, ‘Canon’ and ‘Nikon’ lens mugs grew taller

DSLR Bank-20-70mm Canon and Nikon Lens Mugs 544x380px
can’t get enough of shutterbug-oriented novelty gears? fret not as Photojojo has just introduced yet another pair of lens mugs, except that this time round they are much taller then the previous incarnations. had enough of mugs? again, no worries as now there’s a DSLR coin bank that keeps your saving safe while being a little discreet, or so i thought. first in line is the Extra Tall “Nikon” Lens Mug but unlike its name, it is more than just a mug – it is also a thermos. unscrew the the bottom cap, and you have yourself a handled mug. perfect for those correspondent job in the middle of the cold desert night. Continue reading DSLR coin bank, ‘Canon’ and ‘Nikon’ lens mugs grew taller

Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup

Sippy Sure main 544x448px
(image credit: Sippy Sure) Sippy Sure – The Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup | US$8.99 | www.sippysure.com

i would imagine one of the most stressful thing about caring for a child is feeding him or her medicine when required (aside from the endless food fight engaged daily). i don’t have a child of my own to quantify this but judging from my sister’s experience with her daughter, i would think an invention like Sippy Sure would definitely helps to ease the process of giving medicine to the children. made out of high impact FDA food grade plastic, Sippy Sure is BPA free and dishwasher safe too. Continue reading Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup