Flask Bracelet By Cynthia Rowley

this one goes to all alcohol-adoring ladies. the Flask Bracelet By Cynthia Rowley makes no attempt in hiding your undying affair with the spirit drinks and as the product name implies, it is a flask that’s designed to ornament your wrist while stashing 3 ounces (around 89 ml) of your favorite poison.

Lifestraw Go Sports Bottle

not everyone is keen in drinking right off a stream, which the original LifeStraw offers. we are guessing, if you are roaming in the wild, you probably want to be able to bring that ‘stream’ with you or at least, top it up in a bottle. this is where the Lifestraw Go Sports Bottle comes in.

Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask

one look and you probably already knew why the product is so named. our first thought was, the Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask is going to be the perfect gear for those who 1) felt the need hide their drinking habit from everyone else; 2) need an adult beverage flask that would stand out from his/her peers; and 3) is addicted to video game, in addition to alcoholic beverages.

HIPP GR1 Titanium Flask

depending on the community you are in, a booze container could be mean you are a helpless addict or a stylish connoisseur of hard alcohol. like it or not, it is a fact. if prefer to be known as the former, then there is nothing more we could do, but if the latter is right up your alley, then perhaps, you shouldn’t go around sipping those adult beverages without one of these:

BluFit Smart Water Bottle

with about 60 percent of our human body composition being water, it makes sense to keep ourselves hydrated. under normal circumstances, a grown person shouldn’t have problem knowing that he or she should be kept hydrated anyway, but in case you do need a little remind every now and then, or simply want to monitor your

AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water

pressurized water is something outdoor enthusiasts yearned for while average joe like us take for granted. having pressurized water source while out in wild offers lot of conveniences like ease of washing cookware, getting rid of mud of your feet et cetera. sure, you could use a regular water bottle, but that’s going to take

Maxam Enormous 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask

you probably didn’t want to admit it, but your usual 18oz flask just isn’t enough to hold all the adult beverage that your body needs. but hey, this is the 21st century where anything can be made happen, like a 1 Gallon flask, for example. the Maxam Enormous 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask, it as what it says, holds up to

Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

just like drinking and driving, drinking and firearms don’t mix. but there are exceptions, and this ‘exception’ happens to be in the form of the Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass. if the product name doesn’t quite say anything, here’s the deal for you macho shot lover: each of the Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass is machined from heat-treated billet

Gentleman’s Survival Kit

the purpose of this kit is quite obvious. then again, what a man needs during an emergency varies from man to man and situation to situation, but the Gentleman’s Survival Kit you see here should covers the needs of 99 percent of the man folks population with items ranging from hatchet for cutting down woods, or for self-defense against hungry

The Macallan x Oakley The Flask

a serious drinker will never leave home without a flask. such contraption keeps an alcohol lover alive and often, it is not a drinkware that one would be proud to showoff. in the past, it was a serious sigh of alcoholism, but that was, as said, the past. because things are gonna change if you have The Macallan x Oakley The Flask, a carefully thought out alcoholic beverage