Gentleman’s Survival Kit

the purpose of this kit is quite obvious. then again, what a man needs during an emergency varies from man to man and situation to situation, but the Gentleman’s Survival Kit you see here should covers the needs of 99 percent of the man folks population with items ranging from hatchet for cutting down woods, or for self-defense against hungry

The Macallan x Oakley The Flask

a serious drinker will never leave home without a flask. such contraption keeps an alcohol lover alive and often, it is not a drinkware that one would be proud to showoff. in the past, it was a serious sigh of alcoholism, but that was, as said, the past. because things are gonna change if you have The Macallan x Oakley The Flask, a carefully thought out alcoholic beverage

Build-on Brick Mug – LEGO-style Mug

you can’t really proclaim yourself a true LEGO geek unless you are actually working for the Danish company or your life revolves around those little colorful bricks – like having those spare bricks of yours stick around your coffee mug, for example. that, my friend, is your path to LEGO geek-nirvana and ThinkGeek has just the mug for that would help you

Zombie Survival Kit

you have prepared for rain armed with umbrella or raincoat, so it wouldn’t hurt to be prepped in the event that there’s an unfortunate zombie outbreak, wouldn’t it? if you are on the same page with us, then ThinkGeek has just the package you will need: the Zombie Survival Kit. for $79.90, you will get a SOG Tactical Tomahawk, complete with fiberglass-reinforced…

DSLR coin bank, ‘Canon’ and ‘Nikon’ lens mugs grew taller

can’t get enough of shutterbug-oriented novelty gears? fret not as Photojojo has just introduced yet another pair of lens mugs, except that this time round they are much taller then the previous incarnations. had enough of mugs? again, no worries as now there’s a DSLR coin bank…