Power Strip Reinvented, Comes With USB Ports And Wireless Charge Pad

Power strip is not the newest invention, but that doesn’t stop an Italian startup, Woodie s.r.l., from taking up the challenge of reinventing it so that we could have an easy one when dealing with such a necessary evil. Woodie s.r.l. completely rethought what a power strip should be for the beings of 2016 (and, […]

Turning On or Off Your Lamp is as Easy as Flipping this Block of Wood

You know how it is with conventional lamps. You plugged them into wall outlets, switch to always on, and toggle on/off using an inline switch on the cable or a switch on the lamp itself. Whichever way, we have to agree that they are not always easily accessible. The Lightbox solves this by adding a […]

Modular Customizable Power Strip Lets You Have What You Need and None You Don’t Need

However pretty a power strip is, it can never get rid of the clutter in your gadget-filled life and today’s need for additional connections such as Ethernet and USB, did not help either. This is a major headache which Munich, Germany-based Casitoo wants to solve with the Modular Customizable Power Strip. The name pretty much […]

Nissan Leaf’s Lithium-ion Batteries Given Second Life as Stationary Commercial Energy Storage

Tesla has done it and so has Mercedes-Benz. Now, Japan automaker Nissan is also into it. Yes. We are talking about stationary energy storage system for homes and businesses. While Tesla and Mercedes made announcements mainly for home use, Nissan’s iteration is geared towards commercial usage and it didn’t start from scratch either. Instead, Nissan […]

Mercedes-Benz Goes Head-to-Head with Tesla with its Own Home Battery

Still brooding over the fact that you weren’t fast enough and missed out on Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery? Well, it turns out, Tesla isn’t in the home battery game alone. Mercedes-Benz is in it too and the German luxury car maker is calling it “Private Energy Storage Plant.” Don’t be scare off by the word […]

mimoodz: A Full-fledged, Smartphone-controllable Smart LED Bulb That’s Totally Affordable

If the high price for a Smart LED light bulb has stopped you from adopting this wonderful, lazy-man technology, then you’d be glad that owning one has become way more affordable – thanks to mimoodz Smart LED Light Bulb 4.0 by Smart Gator Labs. At 16 bucks a pop, you will bag yourself a full-fledge […]

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is a Solar Panel-friendly Backup Battery for Your Home

You have backup batteries for gadgets and even for desktop computers and other equipment, but what about your home in general? You know, for times when outages hit your locality? This is what the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is for, well, at least in the basic sense. Just think of it as a big-ass uninterrupted […]

Buster & Punch LED Buster Bulb Looks Best Without Shades

Despite incandescent bulbs being serious power sucker, we all have to agree they look pretty, but for the sake of your wallet and the environment, a change has to be made. The good thing is, you don’t have to put up with ugly energy saving bulbs cos’ the LED Buster Bulb by Buster & Punch […]

TRIX – Power Strip Reinvented. It is Now Totally Portable and Looks Cool Too.

Just when you thought you will be safe in your hotel room, where presumably, power source will be readily available to recharge or power your multiple gadgets, you realized that there’s only one useable power outlet. Sounds familiar? Most people who travelled often would probably nodding their heads in agreement. Instead of calling the front […]

Battery-powered Bluetooth Light Switch Lets You Stick It Anywhere

Relocating light switch is expensive and by no means an easy task. Smartphone controllable light bulbs seem to have solved the issue because you don’t need a light switch at all, but what if, you just needed a switch because, to be honest, sometimes, walking to the switch and flicking it on or off is […]