Is Festo BionicSoftArm Robotic Arm The Beginning Of Humanoid?

Movies often portrayed robot apocalypse with robots that were as sophisticated as humans with respect to agility and dexterity. The truth is, we do not have worry about such “robot apocalypse” because, it takes a lot more than bolts and nuts, and circuit boards to make a robot as capable as humans. But we can’t […]

Festo Has Created A Robotic Fish That Swims Using Undulating Fins

These days, biomimicry is a big thing for Germany’s industrial control and automation company Festo. This eel-like robotic fish you see here, called BionicFinWave, is one of its newest robot in the company’s study into biomimicry and man, it is pretty darn creepy! Seriously, why do need to give them eyes? It has a camera […]

Festo BionicFlyingFox Flies And Looks Like The Real Thing

Festo may be an industrial control and automation company best known for its pneumatic products, but over the years, it has pretty much sealed its reputation as the master of robotic biomimicry. Seriously, the robotic stuff that this German multinational company has came up with thus far were fascinating, thrilling and at times, somewhat nightmare-inducing. […]

Festo’s BionicOpter Mimics Dragonfly Flight, Makes You Question Reality

Mankind was once fascinated by the idea of flight. Now that we have achieved it (flight), some companies are still striving to find ways to replicate flight by nature’s creatures. Festo, a German industrial control and automation company, is one such company. We have seen many fascinating examples, including the likes of BionicKangaroo, super life-like […]

Robotic Octopus Tentacle Is Awesome, But It Is Also Creepy As Hell

In this episode of Manmade Nightmares*, we witness a robotic octopus tentacle showing off its life-like dexterity, complete with a hissing soundtrack, that guarantees to induce nightmare in some of us. Developed by robotic company Festo, who is also behind a ton of biomimicry projects (like the bionic kangaroo and the robotic seagull), the aptly […]

Free Motion Handling Autonomous Flying Gripper Ball – The Future Is Here

You know the, jellyfish-like dirigible that were used to keep DNA records of humans in the sci-fi flick, Aeon Flux? Well, the future may sees such type of ‘ship’ cruising around us for different purposes, such as serving as airborne assistance system for folks working at height. No, we are not letting our imagination run […]

BionicKangaroo By Festo

once every few years, German industrial control and automation company Festo will unveil an amazing animal inspired robot. the last we have seen dates back to 2011 where we were awed by the incredible life-like seagull and this time round, the Esslingen am Neckar-based firm gets back to the ground and came up with another…