SureFire ARC-2 Ultra-high Single-Output HID Flashlight

there are a number of reasons why one need to turn night into day. regardless of your reasons, you know you will need a light that really shines, such as this SureFire ARC-2 Ultra-high Single-Output HID Flashlight. quite a mouthful it is, but it has the meat to be so. it uses an ultra-high-output high-intensity […]

L.E.D Portable Charger By id America

portable charger and flashlight combo is not the newest of the new, but if you are in the market for something that offers some ‘flashlight handsfree time’, then perhaps the L.E.D Portable Charger by id America might be a thing for you. packed inside its aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure is a set of Samsung-source, 5,200 mAh […]

Orbita Watchlight LED Pocket Flashlight

if you think regular tactical flashlights are not classy enough for you, then the Orbita Watchlight LED Pocket Flashlight might tickles your fancy. flashlights are a dime a dozen, but one with a touch of luxury is not something you see everyday, especially one embedded with genuine watch parts including dials, gears and stuff.

ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight

having a flashlight that doubles as a portable battery for your USB-powered devices is cool, but one that does that and is modular and tactical really had our attention 100 percent. for starter, this flashlight that we are referring to is a real-deal

Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack

fact: you cannot claim that you have seen the biggest flashlight until you see the Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack. judging from the above image, you can’t really tell how big this device, which measures 15-3/4″ x 11-1/2″ x 12″ (about 40 x 29 x 30 cm), is until you have seen the image below.

Gerber x Bear Grylls The Ultimate Survival Pack

we have featured quite a handful of survivalist icon Bear Grylls and Gerber collaborations including the awesome canteen and the scout essentials kit et cetera, but if you are looking to bag the whole lot that Gerber and Bear Grylls have to offer (trust me, Gerber and Bear Grylls have tons of survival gear for

ChargeLight Portable Battery & Flashlight

who doesn’t have a smartphone and who doesn’t need a flashlight from time to time? sure. there are apps that let you use your phone’s LED flash as a flashlight. but ask yourself these: do you want to burn out the LED on your phone before the phone does? and is that LED brighter than a regular tactical torch? and that’s not to mention that using

Sony Hand-cranked Emergency Radio ICF-B88

what do you need in time of emergencies? for us, our list goes as such: a flashlight for navigating in lowlight condition, a radio to listen in to emergency broadcast (and keeping ourselves sane at the same time), and perhaps, a charger to keep our mobile devices juiced. instead of having separate items to cover the

NITECORE TM26 QuadRay 3500 Lumen Flashlight

there’s no flashlight that is too bright for the job, but you can’t have all the brightness you want without weighing yourself down. you can have ten men holding regular LED flashlights to get the brightness you needed, or you could use a little help from the NITECORE TM26 QuadRay 3500 Lumen Flashlight.

2013 Bear Grylls Survival Series by Gerber

envy the survival skills of celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls? sadly, not everyone has that sort of aptitude like Grylls has. fortunately, Grylls has teamed up with Gerber Gear yet again and release a bunch of survival essentials to give the edge when disaster strikes. included in the line up of the 2013 Bear Grylls Survival Series