Any Mortal Is Worthy To Wield This Marvel Thor Mjolnir Hammer Tool Set

Thor sure knows how to work a hammer, but I bet that’s the only hammer he ever know how to use and it is certainly not for driving nails. While us, mortals, may not worthy enough to wield the mighty mythical hammer, home improvement-worthy sentient beings are sure worthy of the Marvel Thor Mjolnir Hammer […]

Moasure ONE Puts Rocket Science Of Measuring In The Palm Of Your Hand

When infrared measure came onto the market, it kind of relegate tape measures to the caveman age. Now, there is a new kind of tape measure that make the infrared measure seems like ancient tech. Meet the Moasure ONE (note: Moasure is not a typo), the world’s first motion measure tool that literally takes measuring […]

2nd Generation BiTool Now Gets A Super Cool Magnetic LED Flashlight

Remember the BiTool Magnetic Multi-tool from Cycop we spoke so highly of? Well, it is back with a new iteration and it is called BiTool 2.0 Lit. To be honest, we didn’t think BiTool needs any further tweaks, but the folks over at Cycop managed to find something to improve on. For starter, it is […]

Aperture-inspired Wrench Could Be The Future Of Adjustable Wrench

Bolts and nuts come in a myriad of sizes and having two systems, namely, imperial and metric, only bumps up the variety further. Depending on your level of expertise, so to speak, you may own a complete set of wrenches that covers many sizes of both systems, or you could, for the basic of basics, […]

Stikkan Splits Wood Vertically And It May Just Save Your Back

Lets face it. Not everyone is comfortable with an axe, much less using it to split wood to produce kindling wood for the long, cold winter. This is where the Stikkan Cast Iron Wall-mounted Kindling Wood Splitter can help. As the product name suggests, this hand-tool lets you split wood without turning to an axe. […]

Do You Know You Can Turn Plastic Bottle Into Ropes With This Tool?

The Plastic Bottle Cutter impresses us with two things: it breaks down PET bottles into usable ‘ropes’ that has a variety of applications and two, the French folks behind it did not throw crazy environment-related numbers in our face to convince why you should get it. Seriously, we don’t need numbers to tell us it […]

Startup Reinvented Scissors, Calls Its Right Angle Scissors ‘Right Shears’

Scissors. This cross-bladed, common everyday tool was invented by the Romans around C.E. 100 and while its look has evolved over the centuries, the principle behind remains status quo – until now. A young startup by the name of ReExcite thinks it may have made the most important innovation in scissor design in 2,000 years. […]

Handsome Carbon Fiber Cassette Puts Four Screwdrivers Of Your Choosing In Your Pocket

Screwdriver ranks among the most used tools. Almost everything that needs to be fixed, needs a screwdriver. However, there are so many types of bit out there that we often can’t do a simple wife-assigned task without lugging the whole damn toolbox. With the Cassette Carbon Fiber Multi-Tool, it kind of solves this. Granted, it […]

Screwdriver MINI is Tiny, But Serves Its Purpose with a Little Bit of Extra

Screwing job ranks among the most common thing execute by men (don’t think dirty!). Ok. Maybe that’s not true. We don’t have stats to back it up anyway, but regardless, if you find yourself digging through a dust-covered toolbox just for a screwdriver for some casual jobs, then the Screwdriver MINI by Screwpop is the […]

BiTool Multi-bit Ratchet’s Magnetized Body Keeps Mess From Happening

If you don’t do as much home improvement or DIY stuff, it is wise not to pile up your toolbox with the same tool in different sizes. It is a waste of money and not to mention, a pain to lug around when you just need to assemble a stool. Understanding this, a San Jose-based […]