MasterLock dialSpeed

whether you find it hard to recall combination numbers or find the need to unlock your locker in double quick time, the MasterLock dialSpeed will be up to task. instead of using numbers, it uses directional combo to unlock and is sized (51mm or 2-1/16-inch wide, to be exact) to enable one hand operation. excellent if you have…

Burglar Blaster ward off burglars with pepper spray

(image credit: BedBunker) BedBunker Burglar Blaster | US$600 | there are several ways to protect your house. there are the preventive measures such as locked doors, windows and metal grills and then there are the deterrent measures such as home security system with alarm, and security cameras. what if the burglars are not daunted […]

Brinno PeepHole Viewer – look who’s knocking?

this is a very interesting product. it is a cross between a conventional optical peephole and a wall/ceiling mounted security cam. the PeepHole Viewer replaces the traditional optical peephole and let’s you view who’s knocking via the 2.5″ TFT-LCD. the PeepHole Viewer is a direct replacement for the traditional optical item. image is captured through