This Is How Much It Would Cost To Build And Operate An AT-AT

So, you are a Empire-wannabe who think you are ready to take on the Rebel Alliance? Well, we have got news for you. It turns out, it is not going to be cheap. Lets start with the iconic battle workhorse, AT-AT which can come in handy when taking down Hoth system (but watch out for […]

Infographic: Elon Musk – Humble Beginning To An Empire

With the launch of the mass produced, affordable electric car, the Tesla 3, along with the progressively successful SpaceX program, Elon Musk is no doubt the new superstar of the tech world. The chain of successes (though not without setbacks) has catapulted him into the limelight and as with many successful figures of the past […]

Infographic: The Burger Lover’s Atlas (Warning: May Lead To Sudden Hunger)

Though burgers have been viewed as a western cuisine, it has since become a global phenomena enjoyed by many around the world. Like many food (such as burgers’ lovely companion French Fries), the history of burgers is rather vague and often invites debate. However, unlike technology progress, perhaps the topic of where it started with […]

Infographic: Cinematic History of The Shelby Mustang

When it comes to cars, movies are responsible in turning them into iconic status. The DeLorean was one good example. Fueled by the popularity of the Back to the Future films, the DeLorean DMC-12 shot to fame in 1985 and attained cult status. However, DeLorean wasn’t the only one. There were many cars in the […]

Infographic: How People Eat Fries Around The World

If there’s one food that the world can agree on, it would be fries. Whether they are dish, or wedge shape or in strips, and however you call it, be it Patatje Oorlog, frites, chips or wedges, you can’t deny the lure of this salty potato sticks (or slices) are simply irresistible. While people may […]

Infographic: IBM Watson Versus Transcriptionist: Who’s Better?

IBM Watson Versus Transcriptionist Flesh Units on Decoding Song Lyrics  Talk about yesterday’s mistakes listening to lyrics can become a challenge in the different music genre’s. Country Western twang versus jazz syncopation or classical insistence on pure vowels means a word in one song can sound radically different in another. Some of the best running […]

Infographic: How Much Does It Cost To Produce Your Favorite TV Shows

Home entertainment has come a long way. From the humble beginning of free-to-air TV, it has evolved into cable television and in the last decade, on-demand services streamed via Internet. The latter, in turn, fuel consumers’ demand for more blockbuster-quality TV shows. In order to vie for our money, service providers jumped on original programming […]

Infographic: The History of Windows in One Awesome Graphic

Being a person who started out mucking around with computers in Windows environment, it is natural that I have always wanted to write about the history of the world’s most successful operating system, more so now it is on its 30th year and its newest version, Windows 10, is around the horizon. But to do […]

Infographic: Six Problems Driver-less Cars Will Need to Overcome

Are you excited about the prospect of self-driving cars? I am guessing if you are not a car person, then it won’t make any difference. However, if you are often stressed out by the massive city traffic that makes driving a stressful chore than joy, then autonomous vehicle will be a much welcomed proposition. The […]