Intel Light Drones Open For Winter Olympic, Made New World Record

It looks like Intel is determined to be the name in the new-age fireworks with the use of drones. Not content with having just 100 drones up in the sky in 2015, the processor maker put 500 drones into the sky in Germany in 2016, ‘dancing’ to a live orchestra, which bagged it a Guinness […]

Intel Unveiled X-Series Chips, Include An 18-Core Beast That Cost $2,000

Whenever a newer and faster processor is announced, I relish the day when I had a Logitech computer powered by a then-decent Intel 80286 processor and today, I did it again when I hear that Intel has up the ante again with the new Intel Core X-series family processors which includes the new Intel Core […]

Xiaomi ‘Intel Inside’ Smart Sneakers Rolled In $640K On Mi ‘Crowdfunding’

It is well known fact that China’s prominent maker of handset, Xiaomi, makes more than just handsets and tablets. Fitness tracking shoes is one of the many other things it makes. It is listed on the company’s website, but this pair you see here, called Xiaomi ‘Intel Inside’ Ultra Smart Running Shoes, is a tad […]

Intel’s New Memory Is No Miracle Solution For Your Current Slow PC

So Intel has announced a new kind of memory that promised speed up your computer, particularly those who are still on traditionally HDD. When I first read the headline, I was elated and then I learn to take the excitement a notch down (or maybe even more). Why? This “magical new memory”, the Intel Optane […]

Intel Shooting Star Drones Light Up Lady Gaga’s Show At Super Bowl

In yet another prove that lighted drones are here to replace traditional fireworks as the light show of choice, Intel, together with NFL, Pepsi and Lady Gaga, pulled off the first-ever drone integration during a televised event during the Super Bowl event on Sunday, February 5, 2017. The result is as expected: spectacular, made even […]

Watch 500 Intel Drones Light Up The Night Sky, Setting A New World Record

Last year, Intel made history by putting 100 light drones into the night sky, dancing to a live orchestra and in the process, set a world record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously. Rather than holding on to the record and waiting for someone else to break it, the chip maker sets out to erase its […]

This Is Intel Falcon 8+, The First Intel-branded Commercial Drone

Chip maker Intel has been extending its reach into the drone market by offering drone makers and enthusiasts with the ‘brain’ for drones, providing computing, sensor, communications and cloud integration for the drone ecosystem and in October, it takes that involvement a step further with the introduction of the company’s first Intel-branded commercial drone, the […]

This Is What It Looks Like When 100 Lighted Drones Take To The Night Sky

So you are awe by fireworks? Well, we got news for you. The future of fireworks could be obscure by drones with lights as the night sky art/entertainment of choice. At least, that’s what we think could be the trend now that Intel shown us what it is like to have 100 drone with lights […]

For Ladies Who Don’t Fancy Smartwatches, There is this Fashion-foward Smart Bracelet

However feminine some smartwatches are, they’re still generally geared towards men. And so, for ladies who don’t fancy smartwatches, tech giant Intel and international retailer Opening Ceremony has an alternative wrist-worn wearable tech that basically does what a smartwatch does, but in a bracelet form. Called My Intelligent Communication Accessory or MICA, this smart bracelet […]

Forget About Fitness Band, This Pair Of In-Ear Headphones Will Also Monitor Your Fitness

unlike some headphones makers who surround themselves with limited editions and style statement, SMS Audio takes on a more ‘wholesome’ approach with their latest line of sports in-ear headphones. the personal audio gear maker has partnered with Intel to announced the first biometric headphones, dubbed SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones, that not only lets you […]