Clear Back iPhone 8 Look Totally Awesome, But I Suggest You Not Do It

There is something about gadgets with clear cover. I don’t know. I feel it kind of makes a gadget more “technical” and the person using it, a tad more, how do you say? Tech savvy? Or something like that, but of course, as much as I love doing it, I won’t because I will break […]

iPhone SE Reimagined With iPhone X Features And The Result Is Brilliant!

The iPhones from 6 onward had a design which is time-tested. Since the 6, the same design cues can seen in later models of iPhone and even in other makes of handsets, but the 5? Well, that, my friends, was another brilliant design which Apple have kept for a little longer than it should have, […]

iPhone X And iPhone 8: One Excites But The Other Makes Us Go Yawn

So, this is it. Just hours ago, Apple taken the wrap of the heavily leaked and rumored iPhone anniversary device, iPhone X, along with the iPhone 7 successor, now called iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Yup. iPhone 7s has been skipped. It is now straight to 8. Anyways, we are not here to regurgitate what […]

Brikk Announced Luxe iPhone X Ahead Of Apple’s Official Launch

Brikk, the purveyor of luxury gadgets, has launched premium version of iPhone X ahead of the device’s official announcement on September 12. The official words from Brikk landed in our inbox a few hours ago, indicating a selection of luxe iPhone X will be available for your taking. We suspect the iPhone X will be […]

Working Apple iPhone 8 Video And Shocking Price List Leaked!

September 12 is the date to look out for if you are a fan of iPhone because that is the date earmarked for the big reveal of the next iPhones, including the much anticipated and rumored anniversary edition, the iPhone 8. We are not sure how these sources managed to get hold on these leaks, […]

Apparently, These Are New “Confirmed” Updates And Images Of iPhone 8

So, when it comes to “leaked” info of Apple’s new smartphone, I guess that company that does the bling to iPhone, Brikk, should know the best. So far, Brikk has not been proven wrong. Following the company’s teasing of the new range of luxe, yet-to-be-announced iPhone 8, Brikk has pushed out an email saying it […]

Brikk Touts Luxe iPhone 8 Devices Even Before Official Announcement

The fate of the so-called iPhone 8 remains unclear. So far, what I have read is contradicting to say the least. One source cited possible delay due to material shortage and another said on contrary to rumor, it will be on time. Hell, no one can even confirm if it will be called iPhone 8 […]

Would You Pay Half A Million For A Black Diamond Embellished iPhone 7?

Thanks to the existence of luxury phone makers, Scrooge McDuckians do not need to own and use the same mobile phone as the “commoners.” But it is hard to resist the lure of an Apple made smartphone for some and so, the obvious solution is to have it blinged and to that, luxury smartphone maker […]

New Apple iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Are Actually Dust And Water Resistant

The suspense surrounding (or the lack thereof) iPhone 7 is finally over. In an event earlier today, the much leaked new smartphone from the Cupertino tech giant was finally unveiled. As per the various leaks and rumors, there’s very little left to surprise us – except maybe water and dust resistant, which the new iPhones […]

Legend’s Super Luxurious iPhone 7 Goes Beyond Gold And Diamonds

If you thought pimping up an iPhone with gold and diamonds are a little too ‘ordinary’, then perhaps this other gadget customizer, called Legend, can help. What makes Legend stands out is, the outfit goes beyond coating the device in precious metal or embellishing it with precious stones; it also boasts intricate engraved designs, along […]