Screwdriver MINI is Tiny, But Serves Its Purpose with a Little Bit of Extra

Screwing job ranks among the most common thing execute by men (don’t think dirty!). Ok. Maybe that’s not true. We don’t have stats to back it up anyway, but regardless, if you find yourself digging through a dust-covered toolbox just for a screwdriver for some casual jobs, then the Screwdriver MINI by Screwpop is the …

Bomber Firestarter Paracord Bracelet and Paracord Keychain

A lighter is an essential item when heading into the wild, but in case you are not comfortable with carrying a mini fuel tank around, perhaps the good’ol flint and steel combination may be the way to go. More so, if the said flint and steel comes with a survival paracord braided into a convenient …

Meet TIK, The Minimalist Keychain Made Out Of Bicycle Chains

you have tried all ways and means to cut the bulge on your pocket with minimalist wallets, but there is one thing that you have yet to deal with that might be causing that uncomfortable bump and jiggling – especially when you are jogging – and that’s the keys. most keychains are made up of …

Surprise! Your Favorite LEGO Minifig Could Be A Cable Holder Too

surprise. surprise. for geeks out there who also happens to love LEGO: do you know that LEGO minifigures hands are also a prefect holder for your Apple Lightning cable and other types of cables? amazing, but true. we just tried it ourselves and for a moment, little Han Solo was holding one of our many …

Mantis and Cricket Multi-Tools

if one-piece, pocketable multi-tools were to be a mainstream collectible, then we can partly attribute it to Jeff Morin’s effort. Morin is a dude who has, from time and time again, introduced us to wonderful multi-tools like the Parachute, the Bottle Board and more recently, the Knuckler, and today, he has not one but two sweet…

The Knuckler Multi-Tool

the market is certainly not lacking of handy multi-tools, so we are not going to say which one is better than the other, instead, we just want to judge by the look and The Knuckler Multi-Tool happens to be one that we thought looks pretty awesome. this almost circular device boasts over 10 functionalities, from Hex wrenches in

Hard Graft Draw Key Pouch

we often spoke about going minimal for our wallets, but we forgot that we still have keys to deal with (unless you have smart entry like the Lockitron installed in your house), which obviously, a minimal wallet ain’t going to do it, less you have only one key. the Hard Graft Draw Key Pouch is the for the time where you want to go minimal, but still have the keys with you.

JuiceBuddy 2.0 Android Charger

when you are traveling or at work, pulling out a cable and adapter to charge your Android smartphone can be quite a hassle and that’s not to mention the act of charging often means you will have leave your phone on the floor and opens the smartphone to the risk of being stepped on.

HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool

ho would have thought a simple snowflake shape could be harnessed into an exceedingly handy and useful multi-tool? neither did we. well, that’s exactly what two dudes Alex and Nate did – design a snowboard tool around one of the products of Mother Nature: snowflake. the HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool, as it is