Ember Night Photography Tool For iPhone

any serious photographer will tell you that built-flash is never enough for night photography and the same applies to iPhone. while it is true that the built-in dual LED flash might be enough, but it tends to be a little too harsh, resulting in overexposed images which are not ideal.

LuMini Smart Bluetooth Bulb

we all have been through it: you get all comfy on the bed, mucking around with your smartphone or whatever and then the sleepy bugs suddenly hits you, but there is the light to switch off. duh. what a bummer? not if you have the LuMini Smart Bluetooth Bulb installed in your existing lightings

Belkin Smart LED Lighting Starter Set

continuing to expand its WeMo portfolio, Belkin introduces the Belkin Smart LED Lighting, giving home automation geeks yet another option when it comes to smart lightings. announced earlier today at the 2014 International CES, the Belkin Smart LED Lighting Starter Set consists

The Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson

these days we hang the word ‘cloud’ right next to our mouth, but how about putting one (the cloud) in your living, like literally? but this cloud, The Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson, is not a place or a natural phenomena (that would ridiculous, wouldn’t it?), but a piece of light and sound art that promised you a lightning experience, or if you prefer, offers you audio reproduction with visual feedback.

Flamio Lamp

can’t decide if you need a table lamp, a night light, an ambient light, or even an art piece on your desk? then you really have to check out Flamio Light, an art-like desk lamp that can operate in a variety of modes; from regular table lamp for your reading needs to night light mode to ambient mode, and even accent mode to light up your feature wall. the lamp is composed of three parts

Alien Abduction Lamp

need a light? and something to spice up your desk? well, if you haven’t catch the Alien Abduction Lamp last Christmas, then perhaps you should this year because it will readily fulfill the two aforementioned wants. the lamp comes in the form of a flying saucer (more lovingly known as UFO by us, earthlings) with a high quality perspex

The LED Light Cube

image makers aka photographers and videographers looking to streamline their studio might want to check out this new kid on the lighting block, The LED Light Cube by Australia-based IC12. billed as the world’s first high-end, portable and interlocking LED flash and light source, The LED Light Cube brings LED technology to the forefront of image making world.

Philips Friends of hue

remember Philips hue? the smartphone-controllable, web-enabled LED home lighting system? well, it now has a couple of friends joining it and they are the LivingColors Bloom and LightStrips – collectively (and very aptly) known as Philips Friends of hue. the Philips Friends of hue takes your light show from beyond the ceiling to the wall and under your corridor arch, bed, sofa and more.

Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp

instead of displaying your collection of alcohol beverage ‘trophies’ (read: emptied bourbon and/or whiskey bottles) on the shelves, why not light them up by turning them into cool, one-of-the-kind lamps? with the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp, you can totally do that. the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp is basically a frosted white

NITECORE TM26 QuadRay 3500 Lumen Flashlight

there’s no flashlight that is too bright for the job, but you can’t have all the brightness you want without weighing yourself down. you can have ten men holding regular LED flashlights to get the brightness you needed, or you could use a little help from the NITECORE TM26 QuadRay 3500 Lumen Flashlight.