any serious photographer will tell you that built-flash is never enough for night photography and the same applies to iPhone. while it is true that the built-in dual LED flash might be enough, but it tends to be a little too harsh, resulting in overexposed images which are obviously not ideal. the Ember Night Photography Tool For iPhone is the accessory designed specifically to counter this flash light issue. it is a thicken up iPhone case that has an array of 56 LEDs around the back, offering 10x more brightness over iPhone’s flash and a built-in diffuser to help soften and spread the light for a more naturally lit image (as opposed to the literally in-your-face light).

included with the case is a warm filter for added richness if that’s what you are after and an optional color filter pack providing you with full control over the color temperature. the Ember has its own battery pack so it won’t suckle on the always-never-enough iPhone battery and it operates independently from your handset, allowing you to detach it from your iPhone and place the light anywhere or at any angle you desire. additionally, a cold shoe mount allows for accessories like an external microphone to be attached, while the included adapter lets you affix the Ember to a tripod. it has a removable top which serves two functions; removing the top allows you to slide in your device and also to switch filter, or you can choose to leave the top off altogether to use your device with your preferred add-on iPhone lens such as the olloclip and Schneider iPro lenses.

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adding all those features and functionality together, you got yourself one serious iPhonegraphy accessory that no self-respecting iPhonegrapher should live without. this accessory definitely deserves more attention than it is getting now. speaking of which, you can show your love for this product by backing its Kickstarter campaign, running from now till March 22. with a pledge of $59 or more, you will be pre-ordering an Ember – if the project manage to reach the funding goal of 30 grand.

Ember Systems via Uncrate

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