Stubble & ‘Stache Face And Beard Care

whether it is because of Movember or the raging hormone in you that keeps you from shaving your facial hair, the Stubble & ‘Stache Beard Care ought to take care of two most itching problem that comes with this manly symbol: dry skin and itching beard (see what did i told you?). the Stubble & ‘Stache Face and Beard Care

CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay

if looking sharp in formal attire ranks high among your everyday must-do list, then the CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay is the must-have accessory to keep your shirt’s collars from being the point of a fashion disaster. slot in a plastic items and you know you are putting your style in a Russian roulette – you never know how long it will hold;

Men’s Skincare by Love Your Skin

Skincare is no longer a dirty word amongst the male species and, in fact, people are much more likely to look at you funny if you don’t take care of your skin. It can be difficult to find the right products for men’s skin because we invariably haven’t looked after it so well in the past

Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties

like the late Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, we believe in what goes inside (of anything) must look as good as what’s on the outside, and hence, we thought the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties is a perfect fit of that ethos. crafted from the finest 350 end silk twill, the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties is hand pressed, and as its name

Budd Bespoke Dress Shirts

Budd Shirts are an institution in London fashion circles and they are widely recognized as one of the finest tailors in London. Founded in 1910 and still operating from the same small store that their business originally began over a century ago, Budd offer some of the finest bespoke dress shirts on the market and

Harris Tweed Toiletry Bag by Catherine Aitken

the most pain in the ass thing about traveling is not the luggage itself, but it is the toiletry which no man can live without. it is something that you will need even if you are ‘bunking’ at an airport terminal. and since you can’t escape that fact, you might as well treat your toiletries the best by containing them in a classically-stylish

Six Shooter Revolver Shave Brushes

what constitutes to a man’s manliness? guns and shaving gear, that’s what. so, why not combine the two and be a real man of man the next time you whip your face with shaving cream? sounds good to you? then the Six Shooter Revolver Shave Brushes are the mandatory shaving gear for your morning bathroom routine.

BC Vest – an utility vest with built-in backpack

if you like exploring the wild, running mirror edge’s style, then you wouldn’t want a heavy backpack to bog you down, neither do you want to venture in without the essentials to survive in the wild. for that, the Dakine BC Vest, an utility vest with built-in backpack, offers a solution between a cumbersome backpack and

Hard Graft Zip Wallet

as far as men’s ego goes, a wallet speaks a lot about that one man. having a torn out $2 wallet makes look, well… super uncool – that’s to put it as gentle as possible so as not to rub your ego on the asphalt. however, a stylish wallet such as the Hard Graft Zip Wallet you see here, could make all the difference between leaving a good impression to your date and/or all…