Men may not have as many grooming stuff when compared to the fairer sex, but it can get pretty messy too if care is not take to keep the organization in check. To solve this seemingly minute problem, Parisian outfit Monsieur Barbier, has a brilliant solution, which it calls Monsieur Barbier Box. Monsieur Barbier Box lets you stash your shaving essentials, like your razor (any kind of razor, really), shaving mug, shaving soap and brush et cetera, in an organized manner and in a classy and stylish way as offered by its natural bamboo construction.

Monsieur Barbier Box Shaving Product Organizer

However, it is not just another good-looking shaving essentials organizer; it has smartphone dock built into it and it is also a natural sound amplifier too. So now, you can keep your smartphone close to you and even enjoy your favorite shave-time tunes, if you have any, as you go about making yourself look the best for the day. Monsieur Barbier Box is designed to be placed on the bathroom countertop or if you so desire, it can be mounted on the wall using the included stainless steel white hood and adhesive magnetic tapes.

The product is made in France and if its campaign on Kickstarter goes as planned, early backers can expect to see the Monsieur Barbier Box before Christmas. As for the pricing, it ranges from €49 to €59 (around US$53-63), depending on how soon you back the campaign.

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Monsieur Barbier Box Shaving Product Organizer

Monsieur Barbier Box Shaving Product Organizer

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