The PopLyfe Tees For Dads

men do not bear children, but we share the same responsibility and joy as women do, nonetheless. we may have skipped the physical pain and ‘burden’ portions while on the way to be becoming parents, we still maintain the right to savor the fruit of love and The PopLyfe Tees For Dads is exactly what you need to wear them like a badge of honor.

Special Operations Camo Jacket

put on a Special Operations Camo Jacket by Master & Commander and do whatever outdoor stuff you desire without having to worry about the cold, the wind, or the water. inspired by the Special Operations Forces Protective Clothing Unit Level 5 Jacket (PCU L5), this is as close as you can get to the real-deal rugged wear as worn by elite forces around the world

Bulletproof Three-Piece Suit by Garrison

constantly worried about being a target of drive-by shooting? up till now, protection from such fear is limited to armor vehicles and cumbersome ballistic vests. the latter will, needless to say, make you look totally ridiculous for everyday work (come on dude, what will your clients think?) or least, made the most uncomfortable workwear

Men’s Luxury Gifts from Budd Shirtmakers

Christmas in now firmly upon us and if, like us, you are a little at a loss as to what to buy for the chaps in your life – be it father, brother, grandfather or just a chum – you’re going to need a little guidance in order to ensure you don’t end up doing the obligatory last minute panic buy it the gas station this year.

Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans

now here is the deal: usually we don’t feature jeans here, but this pair of Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans from Roy Slaper looks so rocking cool that we felt it would be criminal not to feature it. this pair of denim is crafted from a newly developed 11oz per square yard (in raw state, that is) lightweight fabric that has a very vintage feel and shade to it.

Zegna Sport Icon Jacket

calling for geeks with deep pockets, the Zegna Sport Icon Jacket might be the jacket you have been waiting all your gadget life. we are serious, because this is probably the first connected jacket in the market that offers Bluetooth connectivity, complete with joystick control pad on the cuff for answering calls

White Shirts from Budd Shirtmakers

white shirt is a style staple, a wardrobe essential and unmissable accessory but, for those who really want to push the boat out and score some serious style points, a white shirt from Budd Shirtmakers will definitely fit the bill. A refined tailor of the highest order, Budd Shirts are famed for the calibre of their wares