we can’t think of a reason why would anyone need to wear a pair of headphones over a hoodie instead of under it. while most hoodie should be large enough to accommodate most headphones, it may not be the case if you happen to have a big-ass headphones, or perhaps your profession, such as those of a DJ and audio engineer, calls for an unadulterated audio experience. depending on the thickness of hood’s material, having the audio cans over the hood though convenient, may muffle the audio which prompted sound engineer Nic Pope to rethink how a hoodie should be for folks like him and the result is the Audio Engineer’s Hoodie.

Audio Engineer's Hoodie

the hoodie is made of durable water-resistant poly/cotton blend with the exception of the hood which has side panels made of acoustically transparent material as found on the speaker grills. well, you know what they say. if it is good for the speaker, it should be good to be used on a hoodie if absolute sound transparency is required, right? at least that was the proposition. however, having a acoustically transparent hood is not its only feature; it also boasts a few tricks up its sleeve which include a pair of kangaroo pockets with headphone pass-through hole, a cassette-theme pattern interior lining (more for vanity sake then anything else, but nice touch, nonetheless), external and internal chest pocket, a loop on the left pocket for securing your keys and small items, plus a pull-out technical diagram on the inside pocket for wiring audio cables.

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the Audio Engineer’s Hoodie is a product of Betabrand and it is currently running a crowdfunding initiative to take the product to production. as of now, backing up the product will secure yourself one for a discounted price of $142.20 (eventual retail is said to be $158).

Audio Engineer's Hoodie

Audio Engineer's Hoodie

Audio Engineer's Hoodie

Betabrand via Geek

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