This iPhone Case Has a Handy Credit Card-size Backup Phone on its Back

Battery life is one of the biggest woe of smartphone users and there is really nothing you can do about it except to be prepared with portable batteries and charging cable. However, a product called Talkase is here to change. It won’t provide your phone with extra juice, instead, it is a credit card-size mobile […]

Tinitell Is a Dick Tracy-like Made-For-Kids Mobile Phone

mobile phone, much less a smartphone, is definitely not something parents want for their kids, but then again, mobile communication device has proven to be a valuable link between your kids and you when he or she is out having fun. and when we speak of kids, we do mean the little ones and not […]


all over the world, smartphone users are suffering from power crunch and if only our smartphones have the technology like what TAG Heuer has put into its upcoming luxury phone MERIDIIST INFINITE, then all would be well in the power aspect. speaking of the MERIDIIST INFINITE, it has what the Swiss luxury watchmaker referred…

The Brick Retro Mobile Phone

if the Brick Retro Mobile Phone were to surface, say about ten years ago, we wouldn’t even look at it because at that time, smartphone were pretty obscured and so were mega-size handsets, but now, things are a little different since phone has been growing in size and so i guess Brick Retro Mobile Phone does have a…

TAG Heuer MERIDIIST II Luxury Phone

look around and you’d will be hard pressed to find anyone using a feature phone today, let alone one that cost four figures. however, for the select few who have the means to do so and has no desire to dive into the world of smartphones, there’s the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST II Luxury Phone to fill the luxury feature phone void.

Odin Mobile Emporia Essence Phone for the Visually Impaired

thanks to company like Odin Mobile, the visually impaired does not need to live a life without a communication device. with development like this Odin Mobile Emporia Essence Phone for the visually impaired, a person with low vision can also communicates freely through voice calls and even text messages.

1stFone – First Mobile Phone For Your Kids

thinking of letting your young one have his or her first mobile phone? i am sure the lack of ‘for kids phone’ almost drive you into giving them a smartphone that would be a pinch for your wallet and you won’t have control over what they will be using the phone for. in comes the 1stFone from UK-based OwnFone that fills

WiMe NanoWatch Phone

smartphone or mobile phone alone has made our lives a whole lot convenient but you can take it a step further by say, going the Dick Tracy route with a watch that doubles as a communication device or have a smartwatch that relays everything from messages, email and calls from your smartphone without having to actually whip

SpareOnePlus Emergency Phone

remember the super cool SpareOne Emergency Phone that’s powered by a single AA battery? well, it is a little brother joining it sometime early this year. dubbed the SpareOnePlus, it features couple of enhancements over its still-available predecessor, including location-based service for identifying the exact location of the cell ID (via a free smartphone app…

SpareOne Emergency Phone

today’s high tech smartphone is cool but what if it dies on you while you out, far away from home base? in such situation, you’d be wished you have a trusty backup phone that will continue to keep you connected with the rest of the world. that’s precisely what the SpareOne Emergency Phone is designed for. it is a no-frill GSM phone that’s devoid of all…