Would You Drop $1,200 for this Sony High-Resolution Digital Music Player?

We know how far hardcore audio enthusiasts would go for the best possible sonic, but would anyone actually drop $1,200 (or $1,199.99 to be exact) for a hi-res MP3 player? Well, in case you do, you’d be glad that you have another option to what Astell&Kern has to offer and that’s the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 …

Fiio Puts Portable High-Res Audio in Your Pocket for Under 100 Bucks

High Resolution Lossless Audio is like CD music when it first hits the market. it is pricey, or at least the player is pricey. but that’s about to change with the Fiio X1 Portable High Resolution Lossless Music Player that promised studio-grade sound for under 100 bucks. that’s cheaper than the current lineup of iPod …

Sony Introduces New Hi-Res MP3 Player and Audiophile-grade Headphones

Sony has never been the go-to brand when it comes audiophile-grade personal audio gear, which the company hopes to change with these hi-res duo: a Walkman NWX-A17 Hi-Res Audio Digital Music Player and MDR–1A Hi-Res Headphones. we sure won’t question Sony’s impeccable quality, but audio reproduction remains to be heard. anyway, kicking off the hi-res …

Geek Wave Portable Music Player Eats DSD 128 Files For Lunch

any self-respecting audiophiles would have think portable music players like the iPod as a toy, but the truth is, when it comes audiophile-grade portable music players, the options are far and few between, and hence the compromise. the first thing to come to mind is probably the bank breaking Astell&Kern MQS, which is needless to …

The PonoPlayer by Neil Young’s PonoMusic

what? a portable media player in this era of the 21st century? and Neil Young? wow. we are not keen followers of Neil Young and so, this definitely come as a surprised and that’s not to mention that someone other than Apple and Astell&Kern is seeking top dollars for aging gadget which has been slowly gobble….

Astell&Kern AK240 MQS Portable Player

for the select few audiophiles who have inexplicably demanding sound holes, Astell&Kern has just the portable media player for you. meet the uber high-end, pocket-sized media player AK240 MQS Portable Player. we do not know exactly how much this ultimate opulence in music enjoyment will cost you, but the last we have seen from A&K, the AK120

Sony Sells Waterproof Walkman in Bottles of Water

how better to proof a product is really waterproof than to sell them already immersed in water? well, folks, this ain’t no marketing bragging at works; this is exactly what the Japanese tech giant did: selling the Sony NWZ-W27 Waterproof Walkman, the 4GB MP3 players, contained inside bottles of water, instead of conventional product packaging.