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the world’s biggest earphones is 500x its original size

Fred & Friends 500XL main 544x544px
(image credit: Fred & Friends) Fred & Friends 500XL earbuds speakers | US$64.00 | www.worldwidefred.com

this earbuds must have been zapped by the fantastic blow-me-up ray gun and became 500 times bigger than its original size. luckily, the 3.5-mm jack escapes the wrath of the ray gun and remains as, well, 3.5-mm jacket so we could use the oversize earbuds as a desktop speakers instead. nah, we are just making it up.

this isn’t really a pair of earbuds but a pair of computer speakers shaped like the earbuds. we all know that nobody on earth have such an enormous ears, however deploy this as your desktop speakers and it could be an excellent conversational piece. the 500XL features a built-in amp and three-way power: it runs on batteries, USB power with the supplied cable or plug to the wall power socket (power cable not included). no tech specs were given cos’ the novelty-factor just overran it.

the 500XL ‘really BIG sound’ speakers cost just $64 a pop and is available over fredflare.com and other major online retail stores.

McIntosh is not only just for music, it keeps time as well

McIntosh wall clock 544x311px
(image credit: DVICE) McIntosh MCLK12 wall clock | US$2,000.00 | www.mcintoshlabs.com

i have no idea what’s the relation between a legendary audio manufacturer and time keeping but here it is, the McIntosh wall clock with an unmistakable faceplate of the McIntosh power controller. at glance from the front, it does look like the power controller with the same black glass panel and the two meters. however upon closer inspection, you will notice that in place of the amperes and volts in the meters, are the hours and minutes. so it is a clock after all. really?

it will probably goes into the “must-have” item for die-hard McIntosh fans but looking suspiciously similar to the power controller will cost you $2000. ouch. this could be the most expensive wall clock ever (not including those antique clocks, though).


Thanko Warming Mouse keeps your hand warm while you work

Thanko Warming Mouse 544px
(image credit: GeekStuff4u) Thanko Warming Mouse | ¥2,900.00 | www.geekstuff4u.com

this winter, you don’t have suffer from cold hands while working on your computer. at least not if you’re using the Thanko Warming Mouse. well, you can choose to wear gloves while using your standard mouse but you won’t feel your mouse a bit. so i guess, a naked hand is still the way to go to handle a mouse.

basically, this is a real working computer mouse which warm your hands at the same time. connection to your comp is via an USB cable and user can choose between two warming modes. you expect up to 46 degrees of warming that will enable you continue working on your computer without having cold hands. though you will need to hold the mouse with both hands if you want to get both your hands warm. kind of awkward if you try to move the mouse with both hands.

you will need to defuse this bomb to stop the alarm clock

Danger Bomb Clock 544px
(image credit: Geek Stuff 4 U) Danger Bomb Clock | ¥4,250.00 | www.geekstuff4u.com

seriously, we don’t advise you to carry this on your hand carry when traveling. we cannot guarantee if the TSA will start jumping on you when the Danger Bomb Clock shows up in their scan. needless to say, this isn’t a real bomb, but it is yet another contraption which attempt to shake you up from your sweet dreams.

when the Danger Bomb Alarm goes off, you have three minutes to ‘defuse’ the bomb (i.e. to stop the screaming alarm clock) by disconnecting the correct ‘cable’. the color coded ‘safety code’ is set randomly every morning. the color lamps at the side gives you hint to which cord to disconnect. disconnect the wrong one, and the alarm goes on screaming.

a pretty novel way to make sure it does its job of waking you up. only those who wakes up with a clear head would be able to ‘defuse’ the bomb. so good luck. else, you might have just have to suffer through the endless alarm sound and shrieking from your neighbors to shut your alarm up.

shutterbugs will love to drink from their Nikon or Canon lens

Photojojo The Camera Lens Mug on the dish drainer 544px
(image credit: Photojojo) The Camera Lens Mug | from US$24.00 | photojojo.com

mum: “John! stop washing your Canon lens and leaving it on the dish drainer!” oh wait, that’s not a real camera lens but just a beverage mug masquerade as a camera lens. confused? ok, its a Camera Lens Mug. available in the form of two “brands”, “Nikon” and “Canon”, both feature heat preserving stainless steel lining, lens-cap lid, rubber-grip focus and zoom rings, and a switchable auto-focus switch. the “Nikon” item will even “zooms” when you twist it’s grip.

i am certain shutterbugs would drink to that. how more perfect can it get? the love of photography can now extend to your mug and you will not miss a single moment not seeing your favorite lens. well, its more than just a mug, by dunking some dirt in it and chucking in a flower or two, you can turn it into a flower-pot. though, its one thing or the other – mug or flower pot. its your choice. both “Canon” and “Nikon” lens mug measures 3.3 inches in diameter and holds approximately 11 oz (about 325 ml) of liquid.

just don’t get confused by its realistic look or else you might end up trying to attach a mug to your camera or worst, rinsing your real lens under the running water. the “Canon” and “Nikon” camera lens mugs are available at Photojojo Store for $24.00 and $30.00 respectively.

Photojojo The Camera Lens Mug img1 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

Photojojo The Camera Lens Mug as a flower pot 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

Photojojo The Camera Lens Mug with beverage 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

Photojojo The Camera Lens Mug up-close 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

spying with fashion: ThinkGeek electronic spy camera shirt

ThinkGeek Electronic Spy Camera Shirt 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Electronic Spy Camera Shirt | US$39.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

i hardly think anyone would dream to be James Bond in this era. just in case you still do and you don’t have a Mr. Q to churn up wonderful spy gadgets, you can start it off with the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt.

basically, it is a cotton tee with a camera behind it, at your chest level. with a retro-chic looking graphic that speaks ‘From Tokyo with Love’ and a what looks like James Bond character (we are sure, it’s just a coincidence) in his suit with a camera held to his eye. don’t underestimate the camera that Mr. Bond is holding on to. behind it is a real spy camera that can take up 150 still images of 640 x 480 resolution. Continue reading spying with fashion: ThinkGeek electronic spy camera shirt