Oppo Introduces R7 Plus, a Slim Huge Phone with a Huge Battery Pack

Don’t ask how we managed to miss this beautiful handset coming from Chinese handset maker Oppo. We don’t have the answer, but I guess it is better late than never, right? Dubbed R7 Plus, this latest Android device from Oppo is HUGE, packing a glorious 6-inch Super AMOLED display with 2.5D arc surface (basically, a […]

Oppo N1 Successor, N3, Has a Motorized Swiveling 16MP Camera

Slightly over a year ago, Chinese handset maker Oppo wowed us with the world’s first swiveling camera smartphone and to be honest, we kind of swept it to the “novelty” category. Meaning we never thought it will go further than on the N1. I guess we were wrong, because the successor to last year’s flagship, […]

Oppo Joins The Mini Bandwagon With N1 mini and a Find 7 Lookalike mini

Chinese handset maker Oppo has not been that quick in jumping onto the mini bandwagon, but it has finally done so with not one but two minis of its recent flagship smartphones, the Find 7 and N1. the Find 7 mini here is not actually a Find 7 mini, but rather a R6007. however it […]

Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray Player Darbee Edition

thirteen is the number of articles here tagged with Blu-ray Player, which kind of explains the rarity of this medium in today’s context. Blu-ray player is hardly the first choice device for home entertainment needs, now that streaming has taken the crown as the preferred medium, but the Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray Player begs to

Oppo N1 Smartphone

not that we want to sneer at iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanning feature, but we seriously think Apple needs more than a 64-bit architecture and fancy fingerprint scanner to be worthy of being called innovative or breakthrough. if the company’s shares performance is any indication, the new iPhones are anything but groundbreaking

Oppo R819 Smartphone

the new Oppo R819 smartphone may not have the “coveted” Google Play Edition trailing behind its model name, but this Chinese handset does have provision to run stock Android (4.2.1) out-of-the-box if you so choose. so, Android purists who can’t take their eyes off this sleek device have something to rejoice about.

Oppo Find 5 Smartphone

do you love to surf the Internet on the go without being bogged down by the heft of say, a laptop or to some extend, a tablet? yeah. sometimes travel light can go to quite an extreme and we are guilty of that. if so, then a large screen smartphone should do the trick and that being said, what’s better than having one that’s slapped with a 5-inch display? speaking of which, Chinese…

Oppo Finder Smartphone

looking for a tough and thin smartphone that you could use as a hammer replacement? well, apparently, the new Oppo Finder Smartphone will fit that bill perfectly. we probably don’t need our phone to double as a hammer but it won’t hurt if it could hit the nail on the head, would it? measuring a mere 6.65mm thin, China-based Oppo claims that the Finder…