Tiny Pill-like Cardboard Battery Will Provide Your Smartphone with the Much Need Juice in an Emergency

You know how is it like with smartphones’ battery. It seems that they’re never enough no matter how long-lasting phone maker claims them to be, but that could be an oversight on part for not remembering to get it to full charge before we head out, or perhaps due to the long, boring journeys that […]

This Classy Minimalist Wallet Has Bluetooth, GPS Tracker and Charges Your Smartphone Too

The SmartWallet you see here may not be the most high-tech wallet we have seen, but it is no less geeky, which suits us just fine. With SmartWallet, the relation between a wallet and a smartphone becomes intertwined. No, you can’t make calls or text with this wallet. It can, however, create a bond between […]

Pulse is a Super Compact Solar-powered Portable Battery That Can Charge Two Devices Simultaneously

Portable batteries have become an indispensable accessory in our lives, more so if you’re often on the move. The problem is, portable batteries will run out of juice too and that’s not a good thing when you’re not anywhere near wall outlets, but that wouldn’t be much of a problem with the Pulse by Live […]

Pronto Fast-charging Portable Battery Packs One Full Smartphone Charge in Just Five Minutes

lets face it: today’s smartphone battery life is anything but ideal and hence the need for a portable battery, or at least a charger so you can steal some electricity while waiting for your train. we’d go for the former as it allows us the power anytime, anywhere, but portable batteries have its own set […]

Q Designs’ QBracelet Is A Fashion Statement That Charges Your Mobile Devices Too

heavy users of mobile devices will agree that portable battery is likely one of the best thing since sliced bread, but having the power at your disposal is one thing, to carry yet another object is another. this is where Q Designs’ QBracelet comes it. the outfit wants to provide a charging solution that will […]

This Innovative Smartphone Charger Might Be The Last Charger You Will Ever Need

in our gadget life, we typically have a wall charger, a portable battery and probably a dock for a single device like the smartphone, which can be quite overwhelming. with the FuelBox PowerStation, it assumes the roles of all three accessories, packing them into one super sleek accessory. the FuelBox PowerStation consists of two parts: […]

Vor-power Puts Portable Battery Right Into Your Bag’s Shoulder Strap

smartphones are getting larger and to think that you need to lug around an external battery pack, however small it is, to support your heavy usage can be quite a turn off. until the day battery can be infinitely lasting (we will keep dreaming), we have to think of ways to minimize our gadget burden […]

Mophie Teamed Up With Valentino To Out Limited Edition Powerstation

designer labels hardly touches the realm of gadgets except for accessories that are pretty much non-tech related, well, that’s if you don’t count TUMI in, but that’s not the point here. the point is, fashion label gadgets are far and few between, much less one that is done in the name of charity, which is […]

This Thor Mjolnir Hammer Has The Power To… Charge Your Gadgets

the frictional weapon of choice for the God of Thunder Thor is none other then the Mjolnir, a hammer forged in the heart of a dying star and it holds some serious magical and destructive power. thankfully, only the worthy (meaning a person with ‘sound moral character and integrity’) will be able to wield it, […]

JUMPR Jumps Start Your Car And Charges Your Phone Too

though it is not as common to be caught with a flat car battery as one would with a mobile phone, it is always nice to have a set of jumper cables handy for such unforeseeable circumstances. however, having jumper cables at hand is only good if there is a second car to help you […]