This Drone Maybe Ugly, But It will Leave No Traces of its Presence When it Crashes, Well, Almost

Drone crashes is inevitable. It will happen due to a variety of factors, ranging from battery, signal loss or interruption and such, and when such misfortune strikes and you’re unable to retrieve the vehicle, you probably don’t want anybody to get their hands on it or even knows you were there snooping around. The Biodegradable […]

DJI Inspire 1 Brings 4K Imaging to Aerial Imaging Drone for $2,899

Aerial imaging drones are in abundance. Today, you can easily find one that matches your budget, from cheap 50 bucks amateur flying rig with subpar camera to massive six or eight rotors heavy lifter with high-grade gimbal that cost tens of thousands of dollars, but somewhere in between the two spectrums is where you will […]

CyPhy Work’s Pocket-size Imaging Drone Can Fly Up to Two Hours and Sends Lag-free HD Video

Drones share one major shortcoming with today’s smartphones; They both suffers from battery life issues that prevents users from maximizing their potentials. For drones, typical flight time averages around 15 minutes. 35 minutes, tops, for the cream of the crop, large flying rigs. Obviously, not something you would be able to slip into your pocket, […]

Next Generation Avitron Bionic Flying Bird Takes Flight Using Your Phone

Men has long dreamed of soaring like a bird, which thanks to the invention of aircraft, we did make that dream come true. The only thing is, we didn’t do so in machines with flapping wings. If for some reasons, you yearn to flap like a bird, then we supposed the Avitron Bionic Flying Bird […]

PlexiDrone Reinvents Aerial Photography Drone, Supports Swarm with Multiple PlexiDrones

when first lay eyes on the PlexiDrone, we were like “oh ok. another beautiful flying camera”, but that changes quickly when we dig deeper. you could say, it was revelation for us and makes us want to exclaim “this is how a photography drone should be done!” honest words. one of the things that set […]

Soon, You Will Be Able to Own a Foldable Flying Camera Drone That Fits Into Your Back Pocket

San Francisco-based outfit AeriCam, who makes aerial photography rigs for a living, wants to make a flying camera drone that fits into your back pocket and while the wrist worn concept is a tad ambitious, this pocket-size flying camera could be a reality sooner than you think. dubbed Anura Flying Camera Drone, this tiny quadcopter […]

These Guys Have a Bold Ambition: They Want to Make a Wearable Quadcopter with Camera for Your Wrist

a videography drone is nothing groundbreaking, but one that can be worn and deployed right off your wrist? that surely sounds like totally out-of-this-world, but that’s exactly what the team behind Nixie Flyable and Wearable Camera wants to do. this wrist-worn flying concept camera is part of Intel’s Make it Wearable (MIW) challenge, where entrants […]

Xtreem Mini Stealth Drone Flies Up to 330 ft, Has Easy-Fly Gyro for Stabilization and it is Just 6-inch Long

RC things that fly has come a long way. i remember when i started out in RC helicopter, control was the biggest hurdle. back then, gyro wasn’t as sophisticated, or as the experts would say ‘more challenging’ and involves ‘real skills’. thanks the advancement in micro electronics, gyros are now tinier and smarter, which makes […]

This Is Sky Rider, A Semi-autonomous Flying Drone Designed By Pininfarina

celebrated Italian design house Pininfarina is a staple name in the autosphere and is no stranger to a slew of exquisitely designed marvels, ranging from pen to sports equipment to architecture, but a drone? well, that had to be the first for the firm. the drone, a quadcopter known as Sky Rider, is produced in […]

Hoverbike Gets A 2nd-Gen Design, Wants You To Have A Go With The 1/3rd Scale Drone First

it may sounds like it, but no, the Hoverbike which Chris Malloy has been developing is not ready for your acquisition. first introduced more than two years ago, the Hoverbike is still in work-in-progress. in fact, the Hoverbike is now on second-generation design which saw it ditching the two-rotor system in favor for a more […]