Aeryon SkyRanger Small Unmanned Aerial System

we don’t always tell you how to spend your hard earned dough (ok, maybe we did most of the time). there are times where we just want to share some interesting finds, such as this cute little guy known as the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS. it is highly portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that falls under the small

Spy Hawk

the technology used in military gadgets usually trickles down to the commercial market and radio control scaled modeling is among one of them to be blessed with the goodness of these (sometime deadly) technologies. which is a good thing cos’ now you can stop dreaming about piloting the Predator and do it for real at your own leisurely time with the Spy Hawk…

the world’s first spherical flying machine from Japan [video]

this particular flying spherical ball is the work of Japanese Ministry of Self-Defense, which they dubbed it as ‘Ball-shape Flying Object’ (loosely translated) and is touted to be the world’s first truly…

unmanned aircraft in the guise of a hummingbird [video]

meet Nano Hummingbird, the world’s first unmanned aircraft in guise of a hummingbird. developed by AeroVironment, the Nano Hummingbird is part of the Phase II contract awarded by DARPA to design and build a flying prototype “Hummingbird-like” aircraft for the Nano Air Vehicle or NAV program.